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Friday, April 27, 2007

Did He Really Say "Stop Running?"

Put this one in the history books, my friends. Coach Gilbert actually told me to STOP RUNNING yesterday! Oh the irony of a coach telling you to stop doing what you’re paying him to tell you to do.

It all went down like this:

I was really tired Thursday morning and having a hard time with the thought of getting up early (again) and running (again). Of course, I feel that way on most Gazelle workout days because all of Gilbert’s workouts are a challenge. That’s the point. They can’t all be recovery days. I knew we were going to be at the track doing 1200s (3x around the track) and usually I get up and just run the 1.5 miles from my house to the track as my warm-up. On this day, I was so damn tired that I didn’t even allow myself enough time for the jog to the track. So, I hopped in the Element and drove the measly distance while I yawned and told myself I was only going to do the bare minimum.

I still beat the group to the track, so I actually did jog 5 times around the track for a certifiable warm-up of 1.25 miles. The group had shown up by then and were in the middle of drills when I finished. So, I hopped in with them and finished up high knees, backwards running and strides. All that and I still wasn’t feeling up to par. I knew I was tired from Wednesday's lashings that I had put myself through.

So the workout was pretty fascinating. We were doing 1200s but broken into chunks.

600m (1 ½ laps)
Recovery jog for last ½ lap
400m (1 lap)
Recovery jog for 200m (1/2 lap)
200m (1/2 lap)

2 min rest
Repeat entire set 3-5 times

I lined up once again with four guys that I really don't know and we were off like a banshee. Well, THEY were at least. I was struggling through that first set and quickly fell about 5 yards behind the pack. Man, last time we were on the track I was kicking some booty and now I could barely keep up. Even though I was frustrated, I remained patient.

We finished the first set and took our break. Essentially, our goal pace was supposed to be pretty consistent with our 400s from last week. In my case, it was a 6min per mile pace. (I can’t believe that’s in print in reference to ME!)

The second set started and I don’t know if I was finally coming to life, but I was able to keep up and lead on a few repeats.

By the 3rd set, I actually felt strong, but certainly winded. Now, if you remember correctly, my first thought this morning was, “I’m doing the bare minimum.” Needless to say, I’m not one who usually skimps out on anything. While my four partners in crime were all stopping and heading back to Runtex, I lined up by myself for my 4th and final set. It was tough gutting it out by myself, but my times were consistent with the rest of the sets. I’ll say this much, after the 4th set, I was toast.

I heard Coach talking to Ivi and made the comment, “Sapp is running fast these days.” It was an aside comment not even meant for me to hear, but it felt good to hear it nonetheless. Of course, it sure beats overhearing, “Sapp is a freaking sloth, ” which was how I felt at the beginning of the workout.

My car was right there and I could’ve done the easy thing and just hopped in my car and headed for home, but I decided to go for a 15 minute cool down jog, which is about what it would be if I had parked at Runtex with everyone else. I was jogging ever so slowly on the Mopac bridge heading back to my car when I saw Gilbert starting his run. I swear, he just appears out of nowhere! He just started laughing and in his Burundi-Texan accent shouted, “Sapp-Stop Running Now!” He’s so used to coaching hundreds of overachievers who just can’t get enough. He actually has to tell us it’s ok to stop! I told him I was cooling down and he affirmed me again. “Good Job Sapp.”

For someone who was bound and determined to have a slacker day and get away with the bare minimum, it was good to hear those three words.

“Good Job Sapp.”

600 = 2:18min
rest 1:22min
400 = 1:32min
rest 1:24min
200 = :45 sec

600 = 2:20min
rest 1:34min
400= 1:29 min
rest 1:33
200 = :44 sec

600= 2:18min
rest 1:39
400 = 1:31min
rest 1:33
200 = :43sec

600 = 2:18min
rest 1:34
400 = 1:32
rest 1:28
200 = :43sec


Gray said...

Good Job Sapp!

Deb said...

You are an animal! Hope the wedding plans are coming along and you have a wonderful honeymoon to look forward to!

LoneStarCrank said...

Nicely rewarded for pulling yourself out of bed. Funny how those are the days you have killer workout or get some kind of validation.

And that is a nice day.

greyhound said...

Wow. That sounds like a really, REALLY good day.