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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Saturday, April 14th Evening Recap: 80's Wedding Shower

Saturday, April 14th PM 80s Themed Wedding Shower

OK, so Amy, Stephanie and Hava pulled off the most totally RAD wedding shower, with the help of Thon, Mike, Perry and Richard. I’m not sure if we’re totally cool or total losers but we had such a blast! How do you top “Dirty Dancing,” bad 80s rock and roll, pyramids and scrunchies?? I don’t think it’s possible! Both Shawn and I managed to pace ourselves well throughout the night because we were doing the Cactus Challenge Sprint Triathlon the next morning! We signed up for the tri long before we set the date for the shower. We considered changing the date of the shower to accommodate the tri, but we said, “What the Hell?” We were just doing the tri for fun and it was only a Sprint Distance race. Plus, since we’re having an 80’s party, let’s pretend like we can still party like it’s 1989! Shawn’s parents were there and seemed to have a splendid time. They kept joking that their 80s experience was slightly different than ours! I’m not sure how it happened, but the night disintegrated into hooking up two microphones and singing along to “The Rose,” “Pour Some Sugar On Me,” “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and many other gems! Ok—it’s official. We’re losers. But I love us. We left around 1:30am and we were up until about 2:30am packing our tri bags and taking off makeup. It took me about ½ hour to take off my freaking eye shadow!

Photos of the event are to the right...

Only 3 1/2 hours of sleep before the race. This could be interesting.

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Frank said...

I did all of HS and college in the 80s. Looks like a great party and great pics!