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Monday, April 16, 2007

Recap of Friday the 13th: Funky Legs

FRIDAY, April 13th Recap:

Last week at this time, my legs were feeling all sorts of odd. It wasn’t a painful feeling necessarily. More like a numbness; like at any moment, my legs would just give out on me and I’d end up on the floor in a heaping mess. I’d be sitting there and just feel tingling in them. There were moments when they didn’t actually feel like they were a part of my body; like when you get a head cold and you sort of feel like you’re “floating.” That’s how my legs felt. I actually was starting to get nervous since it was an entirely new sensation. Was I having nerve issues? Muscle issues? Am I just fatigued? I certainly haven’t been overtraining. I decided a massage was what I needed.

On Friday, I went and had a lower body massage. The goal was to just flush out my legs. I wanted to do a pace run on Saturday morning and wasn’t even sure I could walk to the start, let alone run 7 miles at a 7:00-7:15 pace. As it turns out, the massage was just what I needed. While my legs didn’t feel “brand new” after the massage, they definitely felt slightly resuscitated from the days before. Shawn and I enjoyed a nice pre-run sushi meal and we were both in bed early on a not-so-crazy Friday night. Of course, we also new Saturday night would get a little nutty.

Because my legs had been bothering me that week, my workouts slightly sporadic.

Instead of spinning on Wednesday, I went for a 7 mile recovery jog with Erine, Thon and Mike. Nice slow 9:45 pace. I swam for about 30 minutes after that at Stacy Pool.

Thursday—day off completely

Friday—swam 1 mile in Barton Springs and was pleased with results.
Lap 1: 8:55
Lap 2: 8:58
Lap 3: 9:10 (bumped into someone and had to do the whole “Sorry” exchange)
Lap 4: put the web gloves on 8:53

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greyhound said...

I still have yet to be indoctrinated into the ways of Barton Springs. JELL.US.