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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Prelude to a Commitment

So this is how it's going to be. Fine. I'm ready and packed with my positive attitude.

2007 is off to a mildly rough start. My right leg is still tender when I flex it and the Buckeyes get humilated in the National Championship football game. Bad things come in "threes" right? What's next? We discover foundation problems on the new house???? (God Forbid)

It's just a daily lesson in, "Things don't always go how you want them to." That's life and that's what makes it fun. Hell, that's what makes it interesting, challenging and, consequently, very rewarding.

Today is the 2-year anniversary of meeting Shawn. It's amazing what can transpire in two short years. I know I really have no clue what I'm in for with this marriage stuff, but I know a lot of days will resemble the one we had today trying to leave Phoenix and get home. We were booked on an evening flight tonight, but I really wanted to get back to Austin early and head into work so that I could meet with a client. (I'm actually anxious to settle into a work routine after a month of travelling and moving,which has kept me otherwise preoccupied. ) In any event, here are the marriage lessons I learned today as we embarked on separate journies across the country in search of the same destination point: HOME.

SACRIFICE: After sleeping for a whopping two hours, Shawn got up at 3:45am and drove me to the airport so that I could get on the "stand-by" list. I mean, my chances were slim to none and he still made the sacrifice to do so. He even slept in our rental car as I waited to see if I was going to make the flight. Because he didn't attempt this flight, it was my sacrifice to head back to the airport tonight at Midnight to pick him up.

FLEXIBLE: How else do you explain his willingness to cater to my last minute wants to leave early?? I was the one who wanted to try to get back early for work. He could've easily said "Hell No," but he was the one who encouraged me to try, even when the airline employees were saying that it was a helpless cause. By the grace of God and the gods of flight, I hit both standby flights and was home in Austin by 11:30am and at work by 1pm, all because of our willingness to be flexible with each other.

PATIENCE: Our team lost, we had gotten two hours of sleep after tailgating all day and I was nervous and stressed about getting to a client meeting this afternoon. He too was totally bummed out, but we took it in stride and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to even be able to take these trips on a whim. Even though I'm not typically a patient person, he brings out the best. I've been in instances where alcohol, lack of sleep and a heartbreaking loss can bring out the worst in people. We just looked at each other and laughed.

COMMUNICATE and GO WITH THE FLOW: OK so his cell phone broke last week so all of this communication and flight coordination today took place with borrowed cell phones, checking messages every so often, borrowing his brother's cell and using pay phones. Yes, I said pay phones. I'm not sure where Shawn found one, but he did. I'm not even sre how you operate one in this day and age. It was frustrating for both of us because I couldn't just call him when I found out that I made the stand-by. I sent his brother a text message and I left Shawn a voicemail on his dead cell number. Fortunately, he could still check messages. In turn, he couldn't easily call me to let me know that his Phoenix flight left late and he subsequently missed his Dallas connection. It was only when I was getting ready to leave for the airport that he borrowed someone's cell and told me what was happening. Unfortunately, it involved renting a car and driving from Dallas so that he can be at work on time on Wed morning.

Needless to say, it's probably not how either of us wanted to spend our two-year anniversary, but it was a good "preparation" day for the bumps, bruises, unexpected occurrences and inconveniences that we'll have to face together every day. I'm just glad we handled this one with a general sense of humor seeing as how we're both still depressed about the game!

Happy Anniversary!

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