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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Austin, or Seattle??

Now that the town has begun to thaw, the rain has begun to fall, making it feel more like Seattle than sunny Austin. I've continued to explore some of the aspects of my new gym, Castle Hill. Right now, I'm like a kid with a new toy and loving it. On Thursday, I hit the gym and hopped on the elyptical again for about 45 minutes. I also stretched and did several minutes of core work. On Friday morning, I got to the gym and explored the Swim-Ex pools.

Castle Hill has 3 Swim-Ex pools, which are basically pool treadmills and large enough for one person. You adjust a current level and swim in place against that current. On Friday morning, I aqua jogged against the current for 30 minutes and then swam in place for about 20 minutes. It was hard to find a comfortable current level at first because it was either way to low and I would actually hit the wall, or I turned it up too high and I couldn't keep up, thereby making the current shoot me to the other end of the pool. (which I'm sure is hilarious) Once I found my "comfort level," I enjoyed settling in and just focusing on my stroke. It was a relief knowing that no one was going to swim up behind me or swim over the top to try to pass me. I'm sure it was slow as hell, but it really did allow me to work on all of the fundamentals that I've been learning.

I woke up this morning with the intention of going for a short run to see how my leg has been doing. Well, it was raining and 37 degrees so I did what any sane person would do. I put the blanket back on and stayed in bed a little later. The rain may stop my morning run right now, but it didn't stop my breakfast taco excursion with our usual gang. This afternoon was spent in meetings with an Interior Designer and another round of wedding gowns!! Maybe it was the weather, but I just wasn't in the right mood for wedding dresses. Looking at the photos proves that. There were some beautiful dresses, but I don't think I wore them well today. Or maybe I just wasn't working it!

I'm going to hop on the bike trainer now and I'll try the run again tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

i can remember a time where you would not have pulled the covers back...you would have gotten up to run. that's my girl! i am doing the elipitcal alot. it's not too bad.

i can't imagine that swim thing. i've seen them, but just can't imagine. we should do guest passes for each other. j

Carrie said...

Heck yeah sister!! I've got some Castle Hill guest passes that I'd love to share!

Deb said...

The new gym sounds great! Beats the heck out of going out in that bad weather! Good luck with your hunt for the perfect gown & have fun with it!

greyhound said...

Seattle, huh? You and I think alike. My post had the same vibe today.