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Monday, January 15, 2007

My Makeshift Trip to the Gym

Well, the "Ice Storm 2007" is embarking on Austin closing roads, schools, work and gyms! In actuality, it's not all that bad out there (yet), but this is Central Texas. Ice is usually only something you blend to make your margaritas. Austin commuters aren't used to actually having to drive on this stuff. I used to feel pretty confident, but nine years in Austin has turned me into a Grandma driver when it so much as sprinkles out there.

So, I called a couple of gyms this morning and they were both closed. God Bless Shawn for putting my bike back together yesterday. It was still in the bike box from November! So, I set up my impromptu spin class with the bike trainer and a SPinervals DVD. I had to use my laptop since we still don't actually have our DVD players hooked up to the new TV. I'm such a dork, but it felt great to be on my bike again. In all honesty, my leg is liking me for it. It also felt good working up a sweat and getting my heartrate going again.

Now, it's time to buckle down and get ready for the BIG FREEZE. It's pretty much supposed to be horrible this afternoon, evening and tomorrow. My bosses told us not to come in today and probably tomorrow as well. How weird that I actually get a "snow day" as an adult!! I love it!! Of course, I can still work from home, damn it!

Improvise workout and improvise work. Gotta love it!
Be safe out there.


greyhound said...

You would not believe the craziness here in H-Town. Weather terrorists on the local news through the whole town into an uproar over nothing. Winter, oooooooo, 37 degrees. Puhleeeze.

Kay said...

I loved how all the local channels had their "Ice Storm 2007" or "Winter Storm 2007" alerts every half hour. I think I can now name every meteorologist in ATX.