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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ice Storm 2007 Appears to Be Over

I'm making a new city statute. The workday in Austin is not allowed to commence until after "Ellen" airs every morning. I'm now officially addicted to morning TV thanks to ICE STORM 2007. I could get used to hot coffee and TV in the morning.

Oh my Gosh, the cabin fever around here is almost unbearable! I've stuck close to home since the ice storm started on Monday and didn't really venture out until today when I just HAD to get to the gym!! I clearly wasn't alone as the gym was fairly crowded at 10:30am on a random Wednesday!

The "forced relaxation" was incredibly beneficial for the mind, body and soul. (and for some of those home improvement projects we had been postponing). We rearranged the pantry, cleaned cabinets, sealed the shower, put furniture together, vacuumed the upstairs, swept the downstairs, did some loads of laundry, etc.

In addition to that, I was able to tackle some wedding projects like scheduling appointments with people when I'm in Columbus in a couple of weeks. I also prepared ALL of my taxes for the year so I'm good to go and have absolutely no excuses for not meeting that April 15th deadline!

In addition to all of that, I also got some good quality (but not brutal) workouts accomplished. On Monday, I did my home spin class on the trainer for about 45 minutes and also did some core work with the ab ball and 24lb resistance bar. I basically duplicated the core class that I was doing a year ago complete with squats, lunges and upper body. I worked out on the trainer again on Tuesday and this morning I hit the gym for about 45 minutes on the elyptical. I also did the core class again this morning before heading to the gym. It feels good to get the HR going and gets me anxious to get back out there. My right leg feels so much better the last couple of days, even on the elyptical. I'll probably attempt a couple of shorter runs outside now that the ice is melting, but that's about it for now...still no real reason to jump back in until I know it's healed.

I also have to say that it feels great to not be eating out in restaurants for practically every meal. I swear from September to December, we basically ate out at restaurants every night because our kitchen stuff was packed up. I'm not a great cook, but I can "assemble." It's nice just to cook up some turkey burgers, fresh ravioli, soups, turkey wraps for lunch, fresh salads, etc. We also make awesome homeade pizzas with whole wheat tortillas. We'll throw some spinach, broccoli, banana peppers and tonight we had some spinach/feta turkey sausage that we threw on top. It's simple as hell, but tasty and pretty darn healthy. I'm also a huge fan of hummus and will put that on damn near anything.

The last couple of snow-bound days have allowed us to maintain some control, slow things down a bit and realize just how much I love getting out there! I'm actually ready to get back to work. I can't believe I said that.


Anonymous said...

good for you doing your core workout again. i have become obsessed with my arms again. every time i go to the gym i do my arms. and some core, but not as much. and nary a lunge. :-)

can you send me a pic of your ring again plse.

TTUTri said...

I laughed at your comment about wanting to back to work. After 5 days in the house with 2 kids, I was begging for a day full of meetings.

Btw, you've inspired me to get on the trainer. I'm heading out now.