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Monday, May 10, 2010

Perhaps I Should Move to Japan :-)

My in-laws just got back from a vacation to Japan and they thought of me...Glad to know I've made some kind of impression :-) Tofu Doughnuts?!?! Even I'm a little leery of that one!

I do love my green smoothies...

and a Mini-Honda Element called "My Box!"  (Hell, if the name iPad works, why not My Box?!)

Must. Have. My. Box.

1 comment:

amybee said...

Hmmmmm, tofu donuts.....hmmmmm jury is waaaay out on that one.

Congrats on completing your certification and the Livestong gig. Good for you.

Finally, I recently bought a bag of Erin Baker's granola. YUMMMY. No jury needed for that!