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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day #1 Post-op: I'm Officially a Hipster

The Sheep Heading to the Slaughterhouse...
Thanks to Muna for the awesome crutches!

Nothing like running a marathon and then having a hip scope the next day! I'm sure 9 out of 10 physicians would NOT have recommended this (like they do everything else), but it was therapy for my mind and emotional well-being.

Where I'll be chillin' for the next couple of weeks

I'm currently sitting on the couch (command central) as the CPM Machine moves my leg up and down. So far, so good. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, I'm feeling about a 2. Just some stiffness and mild discomfort. I keep thinking that the horrible pain will start any minute now, but I consider myself healthy and blessed that I've been relatively pain free. I haven't really tried to maneuver the steps up to my bedroom yet, but I'm going to have to today to wash the stink off my body and grit from my teeth.

The surgeon spoke with Shawn and then called me last night to make sure everything was going well. Right now, I'm deliriously optimistic. He trimmed down all of the loose cartilage around the tear, including some strange looking appendage that was dangling there. The Doc told Shawn he's never really seen that with a labral tear. Needless to say, he cut it off! He also shaved down my hip socket as he noticed a Pincer Impingement that more than likely caused the tear. Basically, the hip socket gets in the way of the ball joint and the rub creates the inflammation and subsequent tear.  (see pic below) I'm ironically relieved that the Surgeon did find pretty major damage. I had visions of him getting in there and going, "Oh, it's not that bad. This probably isn't causing all of your pain."  Needless to say, that's probably not the case.

I'm taking it as a good sign that, 1) he said everything went great  2) He didn't say, "You can never run again."  I start PT next week, but no driving for a few weeks.

As my friend Muna said, yesterday's surgery was the low point. From here on out for the next couple of months, I get to rehab, recover and get stronger ! Here's to a new and improved hip!

All smiles in the pre-op room

Looking totally stoned in the recovery room


Noell Blevins said...

lookin' good girl!!!! You'll be up and hopping around before you know it! In the mean time.... keep popping those pain killers and updating FB cause it makes me laugh!

etg said...

Good work, Carrie! Hope the recovery is a smooth, realistically speedy, and complete one! Remember that I'm right around the corner if you need anything :)

Dave said...

Totally agree that it's good news that he found damage. Better that than wondering what *else* could be wrong. Here's to a speedy recovery!

Kat said...

As I'm reading this, all I can think is "how in the world do those crutches work? I've never seen ones like that!" :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie, I've been wondering about you. I'm glad it went well.

How long do you have to use the CPM machine? You will grow to loathe it, if you don't already.

Drop me a line sometime and we can compare surgery notes.


ShirleyPerly said...

I too am glad to hear they found some "real damage" they could fix. Keep smiling and enjoy the downtime from training and racing. I'm sure there'll not be much once you get back on your feet!

greyhound said...

It is comforting to know that the diagnosis explains things.

Let me know when you're back to 50% -- then I'll race you.

Anonymous said...


Gazelle friends are with you as you regain that awesome strength. Let me know if I can do anything to help.
Lisa Christian

CoachLiz said...

I'm with Greyhound. Let us both know when you are at 50% so we can beat you at a race. Or at least run faster than you. Or pass you on the hills.....

You get the picture. It does not take much to make slow people happy.

Glad to see that you are home and wanting a shower!

Allan said...

It's time to get on the "Injury Recovery Express". All aboard!

Cathy said...

good health and fast recovery...hope you don't mind the stalking...I love keeping up with your adventures and your positive frame of mind is inspiring.
cathy bridge

The Lindsor said...

Love the recovery pics!! :) Enjoy those pain pills. You will be back soon. Until then focus on getting healthy!! :)