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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quiet Encouragement

So, you're not like all the others. It's ok.
You know what? It makes you special. It makes you unique. It makes you vulnerable and different.
You stand out from all the rest, in a way, more beautiful than all the others.
You most definitely still have a lot to offer and a lot to give. Don't you forget it.

Your exterior may be damaged, hurt, bruised and compromised, but inside you are still radiant.
You are full of life, energy, love, fulfillment and light.
You can and will still accomplish so much.
Your potential is boundless.
Your future achievements are limitless and vast.

You have a flaw.
Goodness, don't we all?
Maybe you'll be something else all together. We'll fool everyone that way.
Maybe, just maybe, this one little bump will be the beginning of something totally new, inspiring and intoxicating.
Embrace It. Love It. Cherish It.

To some, you may be damaged goods.
To me, you are Perfect.


CoachLiz said...

I have know that I have been damaged goods for a long time and why in the hell people are still friends with me is beyond my imagination. Possibly it is because I train with Kendall Grey. Anyone who can secure a slot to train with THE Greyhound must have done something right somewhere along the way. :0)

amybee said...

Perfect poem for me today, Carrie. Thanks.