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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hola Routine!

Back from four days in Mexico and I've decided that I want to try a new social experiment. I want to find an all-inclusive resort who will put me up for 30 days just to see what happens when I don't have to cook, clean, or even think...Where the only decision I have to make is what restaurant I want to attend for the next meal, or which book I want to read next, or whether I want to take another nap or go to yoga.  I wonder how much damage you can do to your body in 30 days at a resort where food and drinks are provided at a whim. I'm sure it wouldn't be pretty, but I'm willing to make the sacrifice for the rest of us. You're welcome.  

Actually, I think once the gluttonous "you mean I can eat or drink as much as I want?!" mentality wore off (which it does after about day 2), I'd probably be craving my usual routine. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I couldn't survive without my bike and Computrainer. While we definitely were enjoying the food and drinks (call the vegan police--I did have lobster one night), we also found plenty of time for fitness and a somewhat subdued level of activity. Believe it or not, we sought out a place with lap pools large enough for a decent swim workout. We checked out the fitness facilities and amenities. We even took a yoga class together and went on the resort bike ride (albeit on beat up mountain bikes at an avg of about 8 miles per hour). Does a 2 hour walk on the beach count as a workout? Hope so!  The elliptical machine got a couple of workouts as well. I wasn't a total slug.

So yes, I'm afraid to step on the scale, but I know I fared much better than about 90% of the people down there. Actually, they had a myriad vegan and veggie choices.  It was a lot easier than I thought. My main problem is kinda knowing when to put the fork down. It was hard to resist making a big salad and not follow it up with a small piece of vegan pizza...and maybe a piece or two of veggie sushi (i.e. fake sushi), followed by some fruit...well, you get the point. There was so much and I was afraid of missing out :-) They even had a "healthy choices" breakfast buffet with tofu, hummus, veggies, soy milk, green smoothies, bran cereals, egg white omelets, etc. It was humorous to watch most people walk by and give an audible "ewwwww" as they moved toward the promised land of real omelets, pancakes, bacon, sausages, etc. 

So yes, it's been another wonderful getaway that always makes me swell with gratitude (or is it my weight), but makes me grateful for coming home as well. There's something lovely with routine. In fact, I hit Costco this morning and made some meals for the rest of the week. I actually enjoyed cooking after not having to think about it for a few days.  I hope that we don't stop drinking rice milk and eating quinoa anytime soon, because I now have enough for about three years!

The rest of this week is going to be very exciting. Tomorrow, I'm getting a shot of cortisone in my hip to see if that helps with some of my pain and discomfort. This is basically my "last resort" before I more than likely proceed to a hip scope in the near future. Alas, like a car with a mechanical problem that acts normal when you take it to the shop, my leg and hip have been feeling better than usual lately. Even after 1.5 hours on the Computrainer today, the pain and soreness is minimal and I had a really great training session on the hilly section of the Oceanside course. Definite confidence booster. Before leaving for Mexico, I had a decent (not great) 9 mile run the morning we left. I actually averaged under 9:00min/miles. Sad to think I could clip off 7:00min miles a year ago at this time and blasted a 1:33 Half Marathon. I also know that once my leg comes back, my lungs will too!!!

More health updates this week! I know they will be great! I'm starting to get excited about Oceanside 70.3. I'm confident that I can put together a solid race and proudly represent Erin Baker's Tri Team for my first race in 2010! Will I break any PR's?! Ummm....highly doubtful since my running has been miniscule at best. I just want to get off that bike and know I can put together a decent Half-Marathon. That, my friends, will be my biggest victory.


greyhound said...

And two hours later, as they heave their gelatinous, pasty white selves down on lounge chairs with their fat dolloping over the edges and between the slats and out of their bathing suits, you can walk by with your own audible, "ewwww" as you go to the world of real activity and health.

ShirleyPerly said...

That is an incredible resort pool! I would love to swim some laps there. Glad you guys had a nice getaway.