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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Go "F" Yourself!

Happy New Year to all of us! Sometimes I wish this time of year wasn't filled with so much reflection. It's almost like we're supposed to change everything and fail at nothing! A little self-imposed pressure, don't you think? Yes, it's always good to look back to see just how far you've come in a year...or in the last decade. (I don't even want to recount where I was in 1999).  It's also healthy to look forward and make attainable, positive goals and changes. However, have you noticed that most of us are caught up in both the past and the future constantly? We completely discount the PRESENT as if it doesn't even exist. Even now as I type this entry, I'm wondering if I worked out hard enough this morning, so I'm thinking that maybe I should do something "extra" later....lamenting about the past and planning for the future...hardly enjoying the present moment of relaxation. 

While my biggest resolutions for 2010 involve becoming more mindful and present, I also want to resolve to focus on the Big "F" list that I've created.

1.) Family--I'm so grateful to be a part of two families filled with so much love and support for each other.  Every family has their own quirks and my families are certainly no exception. (They did breed me after all) However, the good fortune was not lost on me that I got to spend most of December visiting both of my extended families in CA and OH. So many families are broken, damaged, strained...I'm so lucky that my families actually get along and can be in the same room together. (until we start talking politics, of course!) Both sets of parents are alive, healthy and feisty as ever. I can only hope to live by the examples that they continue to set year after year. (although I don't want to be working as hard as my parents do when I'm in my 70s!! Hell, I don't want to be working that hard in my 40s.)

2.) Friends--Old friends, new friends, work friends, training friends, blog friends, coaching friends...etc. I resolve to hold them close and be the friend for others that I expect them to be for me. For better or worse, Facebook has been invaluable in reconnecting me with friends from my childhood through college and beyond! Never again do we have to wonder what that crazy ex-boyfriend and girlfriend are up to these days. Chances are, they are on Facebook! Seriously, I'm so grateful to have reconnected with my childhood friends and classmates. Everyone looks so happy, healthy and fulfilled. What more could we ask for in life? I'm looking forward to spending a weekend in February with childhood friends when they come to Austin to run the Half-Marathon with me! I'm truly so excited for that weekend as I think it will mean so much for all of us!

3.) Faith- Wow...This one should probably be first on my list. I call them my God, Spirit, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides... Whatever and whoever guides me has never let me down as long as I'm open and willing to listen to how I'm being led. Not so easy sometimes. That stubborn ego gets in the way too often. I resolve (and am already getting better) to remain steadfast in my faith and listen to my instincts and heart. You know when people say things like, "Listen to your gut instinct" and "Follow your heart?" For me, that's all about faith. It's making a leap without knowing the results. It's taking a path that feels right even though you have no idea where that path may lead. That is faith to me and I've never been let down before.

4.) Fitness- Ah...Where would I be had I not found the endorphins and joy of fitness?! I shudder to think. I resolve to take 2010 to another level of fitness. How do you top two Ironmans in two years (along with a slew of other events?)  I plan on doing so by respecting my body enough to rest, recover and heal. I'm trying new things. I'm challenging my body and fitness levels in different ways. I'm also taking it to the next level and obtaining a coaching certification. Who knows where that will take me? Of course, running, biking and swimming will always be a huge part of what I do and I have some races lined up for 2010, but this year is one of more variety. It's January 2nd and I took a kick-boxing class this morning. They should rename it kick-assing, because that's what it felt like! Nice...I've also been invited to attend some Bikram classes with a couple of friends. Healing for the body, mind and soul...gotta love it.

5.) Furry creatures--What more can I say?! My kitties, Brutus and Woody, provide me with so much comfort and joy (and sleepless nights when they insist on sleeping on me). I'm totally the married cat lady and I don't care. Those guys are just so damn adorable. How can you not smile when a 17lb piece of fur purrs in your face?!

6.) Freedom- Freedom to choose where I live, shop, eat, work...Freedom to choose who I spend time with...Freedom to choose who I vote for...Freedom to make whatever decision I want (right or wrong)...Freedom to travel near and far...Freedom to agree and disagree...Freedom to chase the goals that are right for ME. I'm grateful that I live in a place of freedom and resolve to not take that for granted. Always remember, that you have the freedom to change any situation. You have the freedom to choose your current situation. You are never trapped. Isn't that a relief? It is for me.

7.) Fun- I can't have fun if I'm not grateful for my family, friends, faith, fitness, furry creatures and freedom. In 2010, fun for me will represent traveling to new places, racing in new locations, taking random classes, becoming a certified USAT coach, and making new friends. Oh, and did I mention more travel??? Let the Barrett World Tour 2010 begin!

So, that's my list of "F" Resolutions for 2010. What are yours? I challenge you to go "F" yourself!!


lizzie lee said...

Love this quote "lamenting about the past and planning for the future...hardly enjoying the present moment of relaxation"... how true is that...
great post!! Happy New Year. HAPPY NOW!!!!

Runner Susan said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for being such a great inspiration.

Maggie said...

Happy New Year!!

great pic of the pussy cat girls! ;)

here's to a healthy 2010.

Coach Logan said...

My f'ing resolution is to tell more people to f off and if they don't f'ing like it then can f themselves. Muther f'ers.