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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Traveling Chick

Someday I will be a triathlete again :-) Congrats to all who have been racing and kicking some serious butt! I spent this last week in Dallas at a work trade show at the Texas Nursery and Landscape EXPO and I think I'm the only one who adequately took advantage of the fitness center and awesome lap pool at the Hilton Anatole.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Crested Butte, CO for my annual Girl's Trip to the mountains. It's a 4 days of hiking, trail running, yoga and LOTS of wine consumption. Hey, it's good for the soul! (and the heart) This Saturday, Shawn and I head to Houston for the night to see Pat Benatar and Blondie in concert!! Yep, go ahead and say it. We are DORKS!!!! They are playing in Austin this week, but I won't be here obviously.

After that, I finish off my last week at work and hopefully get back to some semblance of a routine! I am proud to say that I did get an hour long Computrainer ride tonight...Good endurance ride with some intervals thrown in to keep it interesting.

The hip is doing ok, but I haven't really tested it's limits lately. Hiking, running and biking this week will be interesting. Thank goodness there's also a hot tub!

Have a great week! I'm heading to heaven on earth!


Jane said...

we miss you here!

Viv said...

Have a safe trip! You are always a triathlete more than that an IRONMAN! Stay safe out in CO, ya know love is a battlefield.

greyhound said...

Wish we could see you guys this weekend, but we've got family in town, so odds are slim. If you're staying in the Woodlands, we might could run Sunday morning. Hit me with your best shot.

amybee said...

you will be a triathlete again soon!

Hope you have a great trip!