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Monday, August 31, 2009

I'll Call It Tapering

Got the riot act read to me last week by Coach Mo. It was a Reverse Pep Talk, of sorts. Instead of the usual, "You Can Do It! Keep Going," I got the "Would You Please Stop" speech that seems to be going around a lot these days.

My hip is not really improving and irritation seems to be manifesting in new ways. I actually have not run in over a week and both Shawn and Greyhound can attest to that embarrassment. We tried running in Houston a week ago and I could barely get through an hour (and it wasn't JUST the disgusting humidity). From the first step, pain was shooting down my leg and into my calf. WTF?!?! I had only ridden 30 miles on my bike the day before. Was I really rendered that useless by a slow and pathetic ride?

The hip gods can still suck it, but I'm willing to admit that I may have to bow at their altar for a bit. I just don't know what activities I can do that won't flare up some inflammation and burning in the hip region (and not in a good way). I'm still resisting any form of surgery, non-invasive or not, that will render me bedridden for weeks. As Amy Winehouse would say, "They tried to make me go to rehab and I said, No No No."

With all that being said, I am signed up for and plan to *participate in* the Austin Triathlon this coming weekend. I know, I know...I'm like the little boy who cried wolf. I complain and cry and then go hammer the heck out of myself and wonder why I complain and cry. I'm also human...Besides, my brother-in-law is flying in from CA to do this triathlon, his first ever. Shawn and I inspired him (re: guilted him) into doing it. It would really look bad if he shows up and I've backed out! That doesn't bode well for his future in the sport! Plus, my in-laws are coming up for the day, and I want to sport my rockin' Erin Bakers Race Kit. I think it will be a blast and a wonderful way to wrap up my triathlon race season for the year. I don't think this will be any record-setting, award winning race. It may be my "parade race," if nothing else. Because really, I can't top my Ironman experience this year. Why even try (or tri)?

Oh yeah, I officially withdrew from The USAT Half-Maxx Age Group Nationals race in mid-September. My "A" race has officially become health...and maybe that next Ironman I signed up for in May 2010. ;-) Just sayin'...

Even in the midst of the poopiness, gratitude and joy always seem to prevail. I saw my friend Muna on Saturday and she introduced me to the "magic soccer ball" rolling technique. I'm giving it a shot on that leg. I'm actually experiencing more pain now, but that's probably a good thing from working on all the kinks. I also had a wonderful Saturday morning training morning with my pal Richard that involved swimming and a 34 mile bike ride. It was true joy being out there on he roads because I wanted to be out there. OK--I won't lie, I really wanted to be eating breakfast tacos and nursing my hangover from my going-away party the night before, but this more than made up for it.

Core Fusion and Yoga classes start next week. I. Can't. Wait. I think (I hope) they will both be great for repair, strength and flexibility. Until then, I'll enjoy my taper week! (cuz that's what I'm calling it!)


greyhound said...

If you still clean my clock at your "parade race" I'm gonna tear off your good leg and beat you with the bloody end of it.

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, hopefully doing the Austin race will not make your hip any worse. Good luck and have fun!