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Saturday, August 08, 2009

An Irresistible Saturday

So...I ran 10 miles this morning. Correction...I jogged 10 miles this morning. Shawn, Thon, Mike and I (me and my boys) relived our golden days and took a stroll around Town Lake. It wasn't necessarily pretty or pain-free, but the reward was enjoying a gorgeous morning on the Lake, seeing some friends (Jen, Jill, Muna, David, Jay and a few others) and enjoying a sampling of Thon's "Better- Than-Sex" coffee. It was as wonderful as I remember it...The coffee that is...I can't speak for the sex part.

I joined them for Not-better-than-sex coffee at Maudie's and then met my dear pal Erin W. at Mr. Natural on the East Side for brunch! I'd only been to the one on South Lamar, but the location on Cesar Chavez is delish with a huge assortment of vegetarian delights! I opted for the "Energy Bowl" which was a smoothie in a bowl with blended apples, acai berries, and bananas with soy milk and granola. I also couldn't resist and had to get a veggie chorizo and pinto bean taco as well. Mama needs her protein, especially after a run.

Afterwards, I helped Erin set up her new Computrainer in the house!! I act as if I'm an expert or something, but fortunately the set-up was easy. We're both going to become hermits in our own houses!

Time to head out for dinner and a cocktail after a two-hour afternoon nap. I can so get used to not training for an Ironman...Ummm...that's because I'll be forced to not train for a while!

Tomorrow holds an easy spin and swim! Looking forward to it!!!

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erin said...

It was such a wonderful treat to hang out with you Carrie. :) Thank you!!!