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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where's the Cruise Control on this Machine?

Got a fortune cookie the other night at Firebowl cafe:

"The human body was designed to walk, run or stop; it wasn't built for coasting."

The last six months of training have definitely included copious amounts of walking, running and maybe a stop here and there...but definitely NO coasting (especially on the computrainer).

Although, I must say, now that the taper is approaching, I do hope to pop it on cruise control and coast to June 21st, where I will kick a little Coeur D'Alene ass!

Physically, I'm peaked. In fact, my swimming seems to have regressed a bit in the pool. My endurance levels are great and my 4000m open water swims have been where they need to be (a few minutes faster than last year), but my interval sessions are...blah!

That means it's essentially time to shut it down and rest, rest, rest. We've got one more long weekend ahead of us complete with an 80 mile bike ride and 12 mile run. After that, it's taper time!!


triguyjt said...

taper baby taper!!!!!

amybee said...

WOW! you sound like you are ready, girl! go get 'em.

Happy anniversary too.

ShirleyPerly said...

Sounds like a message from above just for you. Enjoy your taper. I'll bet your coasting is probably harder than many of our workouts ;-)

Richard said...

Swim, bike, run. So simple... and yet so hard!

The barn is full. At some point, more hay just means there's less in the field and more on the ground around the barn, getting all muddy and crap.

Not that I ever take a metaphor too far or anything...

CoachLiz said...

Ah, sweet taper just around the corner.

R. Jeffrey Davis said...

I CANNOT believe that we are this close to CdA! Yikes!