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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Rabbit Food Rocks

For one week, I've been following the Engine 2 Eating Plan. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could survive a week with no meat, chicken, fish or dairy products.  Engine 2 was written by Austin Firefighter and former Pro Triathlete Rip Esselstyn (i.e. resident bad-ass). I knew this book was for me when in his acknowledgements, he thanks Adam Reiser for his core class...Yep, that's Adam from Jack and Adams and he's speaking of his "corture" class that I love (and miss) so dearly. I'll hit it again after Ironman for sure. Right now there just aren't enough hours.

The premise of the book?  We get all of the nutrients and protein we need through whole grains, beans, fruits and veggies...Animal protein is fatty and harder to digest. This isn't rocket science. So far, so good. Not craving meat at all.  I have genetically high cholesterol (thanks Dad) :-) and this plan is supposed to make the points plummet. I'm anxious to see what happens after 30 days. I definitely feel "cleaner" (the fiber helps) and am never starved. Not sure if it's a lifestyle I could sustain all of the time. Me loves sushi way too much to every deprive myself of that goodness permanently. And who knows...you just may see me at the Salt Lick BBQ or Mangia Pizza if the cravings become unmanageable. I am human afterall (as much as I try to deny it) Until then, I'll stick with the salads, beans and quinoa.

This week, I've been indulging A LOT in hummus (oil free), salads, tomatoes, cucumbers, whole grain pastas, brown rice/veggies/tofu, sweet potatoes and soy meat products (veggie sausages, etc). It's certainly not a diet of calorie deprivation!

I wasn't sure how well I would hold up during the workouts, but all systems seem to be running well...

Thursday-- AM Swim workout, PM Spin Class

Friday--AM Pilates Video, 8 mile recovery run in the afternoon with Alisa and Erin

Saturday--63 Mile Pedal Through the Pines ride in Bastrop  (windy AGAIN, but averaged over 17 mph on the last half)

Sunday--11 mile run (1st 6 miles 7:53 overall avg pace...last 4 miles 7:45 overall avg pace, last mile was cool-down back home)

This week--Week 2 of Cross Fit Training. I'm sure my arms and legs will be hating me tomorrow. 


WADDLER26.2 said...

Great work out week!!

That book is one that I would like to check out. Thanks for sharing.

A-Bla said...

Did you make the oil free hummus? or find it somewhere??

Benjamin said...

Hi carrie!

glad your hoping on the E2 train! going vegan was one of the best choices I've ever made. Although I jumped into it b/c of another vegan ironman brendan brazier and his book "the thrive diet"...he's gonna be speaking @ rogue EQ on the 21st if you wanna check it out and I would def. recommend checking it out


I've also started a Austin chapter of organicathlete, which is a community of plant-fueled athletes


I'm sure I'll see ya around town/races soon enough!


Richard said...


Making the hummus is easy. Can of beans, drained, juice of a lemon, a little amino (or soy sauce), a little vegetable stock, and a clove of garlic. Dump into the food processor and blend until creamy.

Its amazing just how much oil, fat, &c there is in a lot of "healthy" stuff these days. Is the E2 hummus as creamy? No, but its 97% there, and about 10 times healthier. I'll take that trade-off. But I also won't obsess about occasionally having some "bad" for me hummus made elsewhere (Jason's Deli, I'm looking at you... their red pepper hummus is almost too rich for my taste).

I have to say, E2 is pretty darn healthy, and easy to follow. I'll probably drop down to more like an 80 percenter after a month, but I'm giving it the full trial :)

amybee said...

The food plan sounds interesting, but I'm not sure I could give up meat/fish/dairy forever.

I have been able to be meat free on Tuesdays/Thursdays since January 1st....

What ever I miss out of on the protein side I'm sure I make up on the chocolate side.

muna said...

I haven't tried the E2 plan but would like to. I tried the McDougall plan, which is similar but not identical, for 5 weeks and developed an insulin imbalance because it was too low in fat and actually gained weight. Now I'm basically on that plan with some peanut butter and olive oil thrown in and doing much better. I never have liked meat much, and dairy stopped liking me last year. :)

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm not a big eater of meat, poultry, fish or dairy products but don't know if I could do without them completely. I have enough trouble as it is to get enough protein in my diet.

Good luck with E2!