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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm Taking It As A Compliment

"Are you ever NOT in workout clothes?"

That's how I was greeted by my co-worker Matt when I first got to work this morning. Normally, I would give him a dirty look and retreat to my office feeling completely humiliated and disgusted at the implication that I dress like a slob.

I did none of the above. I took it as a compliment.

I don't make a habit of wearing yoga capris, running shoes and my Longhorn 70.3 ball cap to work (with no makeup), but today was a slight exception.

I went to Cross Fit Training at 6:30am and then headed to the pool around 7:30am. My plan was to swim/drill for an hour, take a quick shower at the gym, and then detour home quickly, dry my hair, put on makeup, adorn myself in the proper work attire (fancy jeans and t-shirt) and still be at my desk by 9:30am. In my office, that's getting to work right on time.

Mother Nature FINALLY unleashed some much needed rain this morning rendering all Austin commuters completely inept and insane. What's normally a 15 minute jaunt up Mopac was turning into a least an hour. As it was, I was already going to stroll in at the crack of 10am. So....I looked down and decided that at least I was wearing clothes (sans bra--TMI). I could throw on my ball cap and still get the same amount of work done even while resembling a dude. (albeit a triathlete stud dude)

So, I walk in and Matt greets me with his version of "Good Morning."

He's right though...my coworkers sometimes see me in the morning after a run, changing clothes before an afternoon run or bike ride, and at Happy Hour post-corture class. I'm definitely not setting any style records, but those aren't the records I'm trying to set.

I'm just fortunate enough to work for and with a group of people who are accepting of my wardrobe malfunctions. (and who aren't completely judgemental when I show up in my PJs).

They expect nothing less from this professional Advertising Executive.


Gemini1971 said...

I used to wear scrubs to one of my jobs and LOVED it.!

Elements of Erin 337 said...

Careful, better not let Stacy London from What Not to Wear see this post. LOL!

Borsch said...

I only wish! I wore jeans one day...forgot to do laundry...and I got tons of looks. Stupid business attire.

muna said...

Well, I know lots of people who carry extra workout clothes in their cars all the time so they can get a workout in unexpectedly. Sounds like you need to carry extra work clothes in case you need to do some work unexpectedly. :)

erichollins said...

I used to show up to work wearing swim jammers, a towel around my waist, fuzzy Crocs, and a swim parka.

greyhound said...

I'm not sure I'd recognize you with clothes on.

Wait. That didn't sound right.