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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Living Strong!

This photo above was taken on Sunday at the Live Strong Challenge, which raises money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. I was part of Team Pioneer Bank, a client of mine at the agency. In fact, I worked with my designer to create and order the team jerseys! Woo Hoo!! Because of some "issues" I've been having with this client, I wasn't that excited about riding. I even selfishly thought of just skipping it all together even though Shawn and I had both donated $250 for the privilege to ride in this event which raises money for cancer research.

Fortunately, we decided to ride and I was grateful for it. My cynicism turned to gratitude when I saw the riders who were wearing "cancer survivor" signs and those who were riding "in Honor of" or "in Memory of" a loved one. Before we started, Shawn and I quickly ran down the list of our family and friends who we were riding for that day.

In our thoughts:

1.) Our Sister-in-law Monica
2.) Our Friend Dena
3.) Our Friend Cathy
4.) Our Friend Lisa's Father
5.) Our Friend Kerith's Mom
6.) Our Friend Amy's Sister who recently lost her battle with skin cancer

...this list is just a start of those who we offer our love and support.


Frank said...

Nice post...cancer touches all of us so it is nice to do something healthy for those that aren't.

Murph said...

Carrie - Thanks for the mention of Dad and riding for cancer research! Greatly appreciated.

TriBoomer said...

Raising money in support of the fight against cancer and in support/memory of another is noble and honorable. Good on ya, Carrie.

The next time I'm in Austin we'll be sure to meet up.

Stay tuned...