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Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Burst of Marathon Energy

What a weekend!! The Buckeyes won and I completed my 11th Marathon in a span of 24 hours...
( FYI--We did make it in the luxury suites for the 2nd Half. Hell yeah, baby!)

I actually stopped at a porta-pottie and pee'd during a marathon!! I've never done that before! I mean, I've thought about doing that before, but goal pressures and pace groups have always quelched the urge. Not today my friends, not today...I even stopped and talked with my family for a minute or two at Mile 6. My parents, brother, sis-in-law and three of my nieces came out this morning to watch my "training run." As I was talking to them, the 4:00 hour pace group was about to pass so I said, "Gotta Go! Here comes the 4:00 group!" My plan was to hover around the 4:00 hour mark.

My finishing time?


Now, this is how you're SUPPOSED to run a marathon. Check out these splits.

Mile 1 and 2: 9:08
Mile 3: 8:37
Mile 4: 8:57
Mile 5: 8:34
Mile 6: 9:10 (visit with the family)
Mile 7: 8:53 (pee break)
Mile 8: 8:19
Mile 9: 8:18
Mile 10: 8:22
Mile 11: 8:31
Mile 12: 8:19
Mile 13: 8:26
Mile 14: 8:16
Mile 15: 8:15
Mile 16: 8:10
Mile 17: 8:09
Mile 18: 8:09
Mile 19: 8:18
Mile 20: 8:07
Mile 21: 7:58
Mile 22: 7:42
Mile 23: 7:43
Mile 24: 7:43
Mile 25: 7:29
Mile 26: 7:37
Mile 26.2 : (for 1 min 18 sec)

Perfectly scripted and yet completely improvised the entire day. I swear it's because there was no pressure to do well that I was able to do just that. (Oh yeah and a picture perfect day for running) It wasn't until about Mile 15 that I said to myself, "Why don't you just try to push it a little for the last 10 miles?" I was feeling really good...proof positive that running conservatively from the beginning is truly the best recipe for a healthy race. Of course, I spent the rest of the run playing "catch up," knowing that I really had nothing to prove, but still wanted to.

The last few miles were starting to get a little toasty, but I was having a great race mentally and physically and kept reminding myself that there was no pressure. The finish is downhill and I was able to hear my friend Karl (one of the race announcers) call my name as I crossed!

This marathon was a huge confidence booster for the Sunmart 50K Trail Run in December and I'm so glad I signed up.

Oh yes--token shout out to the hubby for running a 1:52 Half-Marathon!


Richard said...

Yup - you still rockin' the house. Even when you're outta town! That was one crazy set o' splits there, Carrie. Next round at Cru is on me!

I have to start running again...

1HappyAthlete said...


What an amazing negative split, especially the last 6 miles, when you were supposed to hit the wall

Anonymous said...

my gosh woman. negative splits and a super speedy time. i shake my head in jealously. that is awesome.

way to go super fast hubby on your 1:52...j

muna said...

Freaking awesome!

Anonymous said...

you are my hero! This will be my next marathon strategy!

lizzie lee said...

Great results, great pace, and better splits! Congratulations...

greyhound said...

**holding hammy and sighing with jealousy**

I wish I could be so strong in the last 6 miles. I need me some Gazelles.

buckeye92 said...

Sis - all the talk about your blog yesterday made me want to go check it out. You have some funny stuff in here. Your July 27 post...not so funny.

Negative splits?? Now that is a novel idea.

TriBoomer said...

Yah... I'm all sorts of impressed. Way. To. Go!

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...


YIPPEE!!! YAY for you! Good job! Wow!


Shannon said...

Awesome. It looks like everything went according to plan! How's the recovery?

lizzie lee said...

To get the splits you have reflect a very good plan. It is supposed that the last 6 miles of the race are exactly as you did. Please, let me know what running plan you followed.