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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Workout Recap for the Week

Do you like pie? Man oh man, do I love pie. It's hard to beat the sweetness and tartness of a good ol' apple or cherry pie. I mean, they must be good right? McDonalds sells them afterall in a plastic container. I will say that my favorite pie as of recent years is pumpkin pie. YUM!! I can hardly wait until Thanksgiving just thinking about it. While I haven't had any slices of that recently, this past week I did get a big old hunk of HUMBLE PIE. Yep, I sure did. And that can only mean one thing...I started back to T3 swim classes this past week. So while I was blogging humiliating pictures of myself, I was also partaking in other forms of humiliation as well :-) Actually, it wasn't so bad. I mean, I'm slow, but that's nothing new. It was just confirmed as I swam in adjacent lanes with others who were finishing a good :30 sec before I did. Some good news did come out of all of it though. My endurance level has definitely improved as I was able to finish both workouts this week and complete all of the repeats. The other good news is that I don't get the overwhelming sick feeling I used to get while on my way to the pool. Seriously, I would get stomach aches and a foreboding sense of dread as I was driving to the pool. I envision this must be a similar feeling to a dog who knows they're headed for the vet. I would wonder, "Why am I putting myself through this?" That's one of the reasons I loved the Endless pools at Castle Hill. I had my own lane. Hell, I had my own pool. I didn't lose to anyone. But you know what? I'm back with a renewed sense of passion and even if it's just an inkling of it, my confidence and comfort levels are growing. I just have to STICK WITH IT!!

The rain continued most of this week killing pretty much all chances of a long bike ride, so I had to improvise on the trainer a couple of times. Also, my running was pretty weak as well this week as I didn't hit my Gazelle workouts at all. In any event, here is the recap:

Monday, July 23rd AM

REST DAY since we had done Marble Falls Tri the day before.

Tuesday, July 24th

AM 9 Mile Run with Thon--recovery pace in the low 9:00s

PM- did lots of core work at work and with Shawn since we skipped Monday

Wednesday, July 25th

AM Bike Trainer for 1 hour in the am--Zone 3

PM-Jack and Adams Corture Class

Thursday, July 26th AM

T3 Swim Class-2800m complete with speedwork, drills, fins, paddles, etc.

Friday, July 27th AM

13-Mile Long Run with Thon. What a strange run it turned out to be. We opted for a challenging and hilly course that included the neighborhoods of Rollingwood and Barton Hills. We were actually clipping along at a nice pace of about 8:40s when we both started to get a bit dehydrated around Mile 10. We stopped and bought bottles of Gatorade endurance and downed them pretty quickly. About a mile further, we both developed the most debillitating side cramps that pretty much stopped both of us in our tracks. It was seriously as if we were being stabbed repeatedly in the side. We stopped after 13 miles and called it a day. Strange indeed....

Saturday, July 28th AM

AM T3 Swim Class-Was a good class because there was only 5 of us. Lots of personal attention this morning. It's all about the catch and pull. 2700m total

PM--attempted to hit the road for a bike ride, but flatted about 10 minutes into the ride. It took 10 minutes to change the tire and I was so frustrated that I just said, "screw it" and went home. Plus, Shawn and I were heading to San Antonio to visit the in-laws.


AM-Went for a quick 30 min jog with Shawn at his parent's house.

PM- Because it was storming sporadically around town, I hopped on the bike trainer for an hour and 30 minutes while catching up on Season 2 of "The Office." Definitely not as fun as being in the great outdoors, but I also didn't have to change a flat in the rain. It's better than nothing, I suppose.

PM- So then we went to the pool and I banged out a quick 1000m swim (20 laps)-no speed, just form focus

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