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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Little Word Play

I don't get this picture, but it made me giggle!

Here's a small list of random words that we say more often simply because they have "tri" in them:

Trick: My description of doing 3 workouts in one day. It's not a brick; it's a trick.

Trivial: How most of our problems seem after spending 6 hours on a bike saddle.

Trim: Less than 10% body fat? That's pretty freakin' trim!

Trimester: Yeah, it's used in pregancies, but training for Ironman is kinda like giving birth (so I'm told)

Trident: Sure there's less than 5 calories a piece, but when you're hungry, anything will do.

Trilogy: Father-Son-Holy Spirit...Yes, we must pray a lot.

Trip: Every triathlon is definitely a trip. Whether it's 70.3 or 140.6, you're definitely headed somewhere.

Triage: It may be fun to say, but let's hope none of us need it!!

What else?


muna said...

triptophan - that pleasantly sleepy feeling you get after a particularly long but satisfying workout (ok, so I cheated and misspelled the word, but close enough)

triglycerides - stored energy for that long workout (extra points for including the word "ride")

trigonometry - those calculations you try to do in your head towards the end of a long workout to see if there is any way to cut a little distance off, even if there is a straight line between you and the finish

Carrie said...

Love it!!! Hilarious :-)