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Sunday, July 08, 2007

42 Miles of Random Thoughts, by "Tri to be Funny"

Set out for a solitary ride this morning. It ended up being over 42 miles of random thoughts...I solved the world peace issue, fixed the national health care system and saved Britney's career. It's amazing what pops in your mind when you are just out on the roads.

- Why does 9mph seem so damn hard?
- I'm so glad I can start a ride directly from my house
-Maybe I should've a group ride today instead of heading out by myself.
-It's better that I'm alone because I'm afraid I couldn't keep up.
-Please God--no rain and no flats!
-Do I look fat in my spandex?
-I don't know if I look fat, but I feel fat.
-I hope that car sees me.
-Why is there always just one shoe on the side of the road?
-Is that a construction hat in the ditch? Oh God, I hope there isn't a body nearby.
-Getting on the Mopac frontage road is crazy!!
- When did SW Parkway turn so hilly?
-God, I hope that car sees me.
-Maybe I should change my course today. Otherwise, I'll end up riding over 50miles and I've got to get to IKEA by Noon.
-Priorities, Carrie
- I wish Shawn was here.
-These orange Motor Tabs aren't so bad.
-My "hoo hoo" is a little sore already and I'm only half way through the ride.
-Man, oh man, I can't wait to get my new Guru Crono!
-I hope I get some Zipp 404 racing wheels to go along with it.
-I really love triathlon.
-I really hate triathlon.
-How did I get so blessed?
-This freaking sucks! I should be at home watching "Meet the Press" right now like the rest of the world.
-God, I hope that car sees me.
-Don't worry about your speed today, Carrie. Just enjoy the miles.
-Why do I suck so bad at swimming?
-How can I learn to love swimming as much as I love running?
-If it wasn't for swimming, I'd be a pretty kick-ass triathlete.
- I'm getting the same bike as Desiree Ficker, except that she is bad ass and I'm not.
-The new ride MUST be easier than this!!
-The Live Earth shows were pretty cool yesterday, but it made me feel guilty for damn near everything.
-Look at all of this trash on the side of the road. How depressing. We live in freaking Austin, Texas people. Show some respect!
-God, I hope that car sees me.
-When you get home, google www.perezhilton .com. I must get the latest on Britney.
-Does anyone really give a shit about Eva Longoria's wedding?
-I guess I do since I check the gossip sites on a regular basis.
- The world is falling apart and I'm trying to find out if Nicole Richie is pregnant.

(after stopping for a water break and learning that our wedding announcement was in today's paper)

- I'm still on cloud 9!
-Hey, it looks pretty good.
-Unfortunately, I can't ride the next 20 miles with a paper in my jersey. I'll get a paper later.

-Man, that break felt good. My legs are finally waking up from the 16 mile run yesterday.
-Did I really freaking sign up for an Ironman?
-Holy crap
-I have to swim 2.4 miles
-Holy crap
-I have to ride 112 miles
-Holy crap
-I have to THEN run a damn marathon
-Holy crap
-Just keep riding, Carrie. Keep riding.

-I love riding on Bee Caves because I actually feel pretty safe
-except the climb out of One World Theater pisses me off
-Are there any flat roads in Austin?
-What am I going to have for lunch?
-Am I almost done yet?
-I hope that car sees me.
-Hopping back on 360-yay...my favorite part of the ride.
-Except that now I'm in a headwind.
-Why am I better mentally at running than I am at cycling?
-Maybe I should just stick to running.
-Probably not a good idea since my knees have been feeling crunchy.
-I guess I should do a run off the bike
-Will I have time since IKEA is calling my name?
-Guilt won't let me NOT run
-15 minutes should be enough
-Finally home--no flats and no rain--AWESOME
--Whoah, my legs are like boards
-just 10 laps around the track.
-I want to tell all of these people on the track that I just rode 42 miles and now I'm running.
-I have no idea how my life led me to this
-I am a triathlete.
-a triathlete in need of some crap from IKEA.
-Bring on the shower and a turkey sandwich.

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1HappyAthlete said...

Great blog....42 miles of random thoughts in the female mind apparently = 150 separate thoughts; the male mind = nice day to be on the bike....lol