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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Believe It, Live It

A film crew of Boy Scouts were at our Gazelle workout this morning. They are shooting a film based on faith and perserverance and wanted to film a segment on Coach G--the ultimate authority on both of the above attributes. The theme or name of the film (not sure which one) is "Believe It, Live It." I'm sure these young boys couldn't believe that they were filming at 5:45am in the morning, but they were sure living it. I was interviewed briefly and stressed that Gilbert is one of the few coaches who really does coach from his heart. Yes, he cares about time and splits. But mostly, he wants you to love what you're doing. It's obvious that we do as we all just keep coming back for more day after day.

I've got an interesting few days ahead and I'm actually anxious for all of it. I Believe in It. So, It's Time to Live It. It's my first weekend of long workouts capped with a Sprint Tri on Sunday. Thon, Amy and I are doing our long run of the week on Friday. It's going to be my first 18 miler since before the Dallas Marathon last December. It might be a little premature to hit 18 miles, but I really do have two big races this winter--the Tri 101 which will require an 18 mile (30K) run after an 80 mile bike ride and the Sunmart 50K Trail Run in December. Both obviously require some serious build-up.

On Saturday, Shawn and I are hitting the roads for a 56-Mile Bike Ride. In fact, we're going to ride the Longhorn Triathlon course that's taking place in Austin in October (A Half-Ironman Distance). This will be my longest ride in several months, but if we take it nice and slow, it shouldn't be a problem. We'll probably attempt a short 20 min run off the bike as well. Anyone is welcome to join us!

Finally, on Sunday morning, we're heading out to Marble Falls for the Marble Falls Sprint Tri. I was 5th in my age group last year, but am shooting for Top 3 this year. Not sure how attendance will be as the lake was recently flooded and shut down. If I grow a third ear out of my neck, we'll know that the water wasn't safe. It's actually a little longer than a traditional Sprint Tri---1k swim/23mi bike/4.4mi run. If I can exit the water in the middle of the pack this year, I should be in good shape. We'll see!!

BUT...speaking of times, here is a Mid Week Recap of this week's workouts.

Long Swim at Barton Springs Pool 6 laps = 2400 yards
8:46, 8:49, 8:50, 8:49, 9:07, 9:23 (form breakdown occuring on last one)

Corture Class with Josh. We did a ladder style workout...10 different exercises 1:00/:40/:20/:20/:40/1:00 with :10 rest in between each repeat...Exercises included planks, pushups, scissors, feet in circles, boxer crunchers, squat jumps, side planks, etc. He's picking up nicely where Adam left off.

Wilke Hill Repeats

Parked at Barton Springs Pool and Did a longer warm up jog to the hill
8x forward
3x backward
3x sprint
Long cool down and strides back to pool

Total mileage= 9 miles

Really feeling fatigued from the last few days so I slept in and skipped morning workout, which probably should've been a bike ride or swim.

Hit Corture in the Afternoon. Pat wasn't there so we did a more traditional Adam-style class and held our positions longer. Typical planks, side planks, 8-count body builders, push ups, kicks, supermans, etc.

After Core Class, Shawn and I headed over to Deep Eddy Pool for a 30 minute swim. I got 20 laps in for about 1340 meters. Felt incredibly comfortable in the water and not fatigued at all. I did a couple of Sprints, but just stayed relaxed for the most part. Why can't it feel like that during a race?!?

1200s on the Track

1.5 mile warm up from home to track. I thought it was going to be a bad day because I actually fell on the way.What a dork.

5:00, 5:02, 4:56 (noticed I was feeling strong so attached myself to the group ahead), 4:49, 4:50
800 jog on track with strides/high knees
1.5 mile cool down back home
Total Mileage = 7 miles and some change

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greyhound said...

Unless I am much mistaken, both the 101 and the Sunmart are near my neck of the Woodlands--meaning if you don't drop by for the blogger meet up, you're in trouble.

Believe it, live it.