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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring Training Isn't Just for Baseball Players

I've gone and done it. I've made myself accountable. This week, I signed up for two more events this Spring. Shawn and I signed up for the Annual Rosedale Ride taking place on March 24th and today I signed up for Austin's Sprint Distance Cactus Triathlon on April 15th.

The Rosedale Ride is a casual organized event that benefits Austin's Rosedale Elementary school. What started as a neighborhood bike ride 13 years ago has now turned into an all-day event with more than 1300 riders. There are various distances up to 62 miles and I'm sure Shawn and I will opt for the 40-60 mile range. There are plenty of aid stations along the way so it's a great time and a great cause.

The Cactus Tri will be a first for me and it's the morning after one of our wedding showers, which is why I'm opting to only do the Sprint Distance this year. It's essentially the same course as the Danskin Tri out at Decker Lake so I'm familiar with the terrain. I'm looking forward to an early fun triathlon! This is 500m swim (fabulous and short), 13 mile bike and 5k. It will be over an hour of maximum effort I'm sure, but it should be a blast. (Unless I'm totally hung over; in which case it will suck beyond belief).

Spring is definitely in the air judging by my enthusiasm for these two events!

I did my long 12 mile run of the week with Amy, Julie and Mike on early Friday morning. Amy was going out of town and wanted to knock it out on Friday. Good solid run for me...Started at home and ran to the rock. From there we did the 7 mile loop and then headed down Lake Austin Blvd to complete the Enfield/Exposition Triangle. I ran back the LAB before turning around and heading home.

Today, Shawn and I packed up the biked and headed down to the Veloway for a two-hour ride. We did the South Mopac loop, followed by a longer 16-17 mile loop that takes you around the Circle C hood. From there, we looped back around on South Mopac and finished with a cool-down loop on the Veloway. Total of about 29 miles on the bike. It certainly wasn't an all out effort for either of us, but it was a pleasant ride. We certainly weren't trying to push it on our first "major" ride this Spring. In fact, I was struggling a bit today and didn't feel smooth or efficient. It was all I could do to keep up. A nice humbling way to start the season...

This Morning, I also hit Castle Hill for the BOD POD Fitness Test. It tested my weight, lean muscle mass, body fat %, Resting Metabolic Rate and other interesting dorky stuff. I'll talk results tomorrow! It's good to finally have a firm view of where I am physically without having to simply rely on the lbs on the scale.

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greyhound said...

Hey, Carrie. The Saturday after your sprint tri, I'm riding your way in the MS150. I've got some folks who are riding the whole way with me in one day (conditions permitting) and others who are contemplating meeting me in La Grange to let me suck on their wheel during the second half of a very long day. I think Brett from Zen & the Art of Triathlon will meet there, and Triboomer is in for the whole enchilada.

My wife will be providing Sag support and nutrition for us in the second half. Come on out to La Grange and ride along.