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Friday, March 23, 2007

Fartleks and Long Run

My parents are in town so I'm doing my best to show them a good time, but still get some good quality workouts as well. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been the cooperative with gray skies, rain and gross humidity.

Thursday Gazelle Workout
We did a 7 mile fartlek workout, which consisted of a 15 minute warmup and then 15-16 repeats of 1 min fast/1 min slow. It's a good solid workout.

Friday Long Run
Because I'm doing the Rosedale Ride tomorrow, I wanted to run 13-14 miles today. My plan was to meet Shannon and a couple of others. I ended up running with a woman named Patty who was running slower and also didn't really know the route. It was a truly pleasant experience and it's always great to meet someone new. It turns out, she is also originally from Ohio and an Ohio State graduate. She also does triathlons in town, plus she does VO2 testing on athletes and others. You just never know who you're going to meet along the way!


TriSaraTops said...

Woo hoo! Can't go wrong with a Buckeye. :)

greyhound said...

Hey Carrie:

I will likely be in Austin Friday morning and perhaps Thursday evening as well. I have always wanted to venture out to Barton Springs, but have been a bit intimidated by the prospect. A little guidance from an Austinite may be all I needed if you and some tri-friends happened to be working in a swim.

Greyhound (trigreyhound@yahoo.com)