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Monday, March 12, 2007


Just like marriage, you take it for better or worse:

FIRST of all, here are the general guidelines for Body Fat percentages:

Risky (high body fat) men: >30% women: >40%
Too much fat can pose serious health risks. Talk to Doc about safely modifying this composition

Excess Fat men: 21-30% women: 31-40%
Indicates an excess accumulation of fat over time

Moderately Lean men: 13-20% women: 23-30%
Fat level is acceptable for good health

Lean men: 9-12% women: 19-22%
Lower body fat levels than many people. This range is excellent for health and longevity.

Ultra Lean men: 5-8% women: 15-18%
Fat levels sometimes found in elite athletes

Risky (low body fat) men: <5% women: <15%
Too little body fat can present health risks, especially for women

My Results:

5’1” Female
Age 33

Lean Mass: 74.6% (89.3 lbs)
Fat: 25.4% (30.4 lbs)

Total weight = 119.7 lbs
BMI = 22.5 (Normal weight = 18.5-24.9)
Resting Metabolic Rate = 1100 calories (that means I burn 1100 calories a day by doing nothing. That explains why I’m constantly hungry)

So-My Thoughts??
I was thrilled when I first glanced at the results because as a former overweight person (having tipped the scales at 160), I was prepared for the worst case scenario of being told I was overweight or having excess fat. So, when she printed my results and I fell within the very healthy “moderately lean” category I was happy to say the least. I’ve never been officially told I was in the “lean” category. That’s like someone saying I’m hot and sexy. It’s just not my thing. Hot and sexy—uh, never. I’m more of a Cabbage Patch Kid than a Barbie anyday.
“Moderately Lean” is a great place to be. It’s a healthy place to be. It’s a fit place to be. I’ve worked my freaking ass off (and more) to get here.

I want to be a little better. I want to be LEAN.

I want to fall between 19-22% body fat. Now, some obsessive compulsive athlete-types would automatically want to shoot for the Ultra Lean or Elite Athlete category. While that would be awesome, it’s not my goal. I’m not an elite athlete. I don’t get paid by any sponsors to train. I enjoy food, wine, live music and excesses way too much to deprive myself just to get down to that level. I don’t train to win races. I train to enjoy the process of completing something I never thought possible.
The good news? I only have to drop 4-5lbs to get to that “Lean” percentage between 19-22%. It’s attainable and very much within reach.
Cardio-wise I’m there. I’m beyond there. Now it’s time to incorporate a little weight training to top it off. I’ve got 10 weeks to drop 4-5lbs. Why 10 weeks? Because then I get to walk down the aisle as an official LEAN person.

Read about the Bod Pod Fitness Test here:


Mike said...

Excellent! To get to LEAN, just focus on the GTBHWLC.

Deb said...

That's awesome..can you beleive you'll be walkin that aisle soon?! ;)

Anonymous said...

GTBHWLC??? Please share.