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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Week 9: Swim and Bike

Tuesday was a non-eventful training day filled with my 5:45 Swim Class and a simple 45-minute Bike Ride after work.

Swim Class:

In yesterday's class, I was very clearly stuck between two lanes. As usual, I hopped in the far lane (my slow comfort lane) and began my workout with three others. Coach stopped me and asked me to go to lane two where I'd have a little more space. Problem? Yesterday's lane two swimmers were much faster than me for the most part. I was caught between a rock and a hard place. Lane one would've been less challenging (2:40 100s), but I would've been the "fast" one. Lane two was almost too fast (1:50 100s)and I was working extra hard to keep up. Unfortunately, working extra hard wears me out and my form suffers. (I'm more of a 2:15 100 swimmer) Plus, it's an ego blow not being able to keep up. Well, I headed to Lane two and did surprisingly well. Yes, the others swam about :30 faster than me and yes I got less rest in between each set, but I only had to let them pass me one time during a 100m repeat. Here's the ironic thing: When I'm wearing the pulls and fins (i.e. toys), I do amazingly well and can keep up--even pass others who are much faster swimmers. My disconnect is translating that into good form without the toys. I finished the workout feeling good about my efforts even though I was, in fact, the "slow one."

Bike Ride:

So, after work, I hopped on my bike and did a very unscientific and unstrategic 45 minute ride through Bouldin Creek. Nothing fancy...a couple of climbs and some downhills...It's all just time in the saddle!!


Mike said...

I'd heard you are good with the toys....

greyhound said...

I think it was my coach at masters swim that observed that triathletes are often as fast or faster than the "real" swimmers when you throw pull buoys etc. into the mix. Probably it has to do with our submaximal kicks and the similarity between pulling and wetsuit swimming.

Carrie said...

Does this mean I can stuff a pull buoy in my wetsuit and get away with it?? hee hee

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. I'm slow in the pool also. Scott

Siren said...

Even though I appreciate not having to share lanes, I do envy you guys that get to work out with a group like that. I bet it does wonders for your swim.

Maybe this is a dumb question... but 2:40 down to 1:50 seems like a huge difference from one lane to the next Isn't there a happy medium? I'm with you - in the 2:10ish range for 100.