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Monday, October 23, 2006

Turkey Trot Update

Oh my God…The ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot is a month from today! Where does the time go?! I’m through the bulk of permitting and I’m now just solidifying approval from area businesses to shut the streets down for a couple of hours. Fortunately, this isn’t much of an issue since the race happens to be on a holiday with very little downtown activity. Nonetheless, the paperwork must be sent out and signed before a race can happen!

Still working on the Traffic Plan with the City of Austin as we determine just how many lanes should be shut down to traffic. Of course, the more lanes you shut, the more your race costs increase! Our main goal is to donate as much money as we can to charity, so we are always sensitive to any rate increases. Up ahead: continued approval and signoffs, ordering billboards, banners and other promotional items, putting out public notice signs, door hangers to the neighbors, ordering port-o-pots and tents, working with sponsors, scheduling volunteers and WONDERFUL PACKET STUFFING!!

Here’s the scoop on Packet Stuffing: I’m hoping to make it much LESS laborious than in year’s past!!

WHEN: Sunday, November 19th from about 1p-5p
WHERE: Runtex--Riverside and Barton Springs
WHAT: Race Packet Stuffing (we’re only going to stuff 3-4,000 instead of last year’s 7,000!

WHY: To help me (and to get a free shirt and ThunderCloud Sub)

If you’d like to volunteer a few hours, it would be very much appreciated. Some of you have already generously offered and I love you for it! If you live out of state, you just don’t know what you’re missing!!! Send me an email or leave a comment to help!

Oh—and by all means, sign up to run at www.thundercloud.com!


Anonymous said...

cute shirt!!!! j

Richard said...

I'll be there on Sunday. And, IIRC, I'm already signed up for the race... ah, well. Then again, I've got a month. Still, probably no PR in my future. But yeah, packet stuffing is a blast! Last year I think I gained three pounds just from the free food.

Mike said...

I'm in for Sunday packet stuffing. As for the race, I'd be there if it weren't sacrilege for me to miss Thanksgiving with my family in Ft. Worth. I'll run the Ft. Worth Turkey Trot though, does that count?