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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Week 11: 8 Mile Run/ 1 Mi Swim

Did an 8 mile run through the hills of Rollingwood this morning with Thon. Thank God it was pitch dark. I would've hated to look ahead and see a couple of the hills we climbed and descended. The worst part? we had to turn around and run it in reverse for our out-and-back course. I'm typically not a fan of out-and-backs, but there is some solace in knowing that you are "on your way back home."

We met at Barton Springs Pool this morning, so I had no excuse not to submerge my lazy butt in the water. Because I was sweating, there was no way I could put on a wetsuit. Trying to put a wetsuit on while you're sweating is like trying to pull a small condom over a normal person's body. It "ain't" happening....Therefore, I had to brave the 68 degree water in just my suit. I'm such a wuss and the first several yards were brutal. However, I stuck with it and completed a Mile---BUT---I alternated between using paddles and fins for more of a strength workout. Tomorrow, I'll practice a normal 2000m swim with wetsuit.

My Half-Ironman is coming up on November 11th and I can't wait. This weekend, I'll be doing a longer run on Friday morning and a 60 mile or so ride on Sunday. Saturday is reserved for all-day classes on how to be a good Catholic wife. I can't believe they only set aside one day for me! I think a long-ass brick would be easier at this point!!


LoneStarCrank said...

A swim at Barton was just what you needed after the hot, steamy weather on Wednesday.

Enjoy your "good Catholic wife" pursuits...I agree with the brick probably being easier to handle.

Deb said...

I'm presuming your going to 'Engagement Encounter'....have a great time. Do they have a 1 day deal now? Wow...that brings back memories! Enjoy your weekend.