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Friday, October 06, 2006

Week 9: 20-Mile Run

Well Damn…In an attempt to add some code and a www.raceathlete.com sidebar to my blog, I inadvertently deleted all of my personal sidebar links. Poopers...I guess that’s why I write commercials for a living and don’t write programming code! I’m sure I’ll get it all back up soon.

In the meantime, I want to recap my 20mile run this morning with Thon and Amy. Once again, weekend obligations prompted us to do our run on Friday instead of Saturday. While I miss running with the other gaggle of Gazelles, there is something refreshing about tackling 20 miles on a Friday morning and knowing that it is a hurdle that has already been crossed for the weekend. Plus, it’s fun going to work knowing that I have 20 miles on my feet already under my belt and most of these people haven’t yet put 20 miles on their cars! (Of course, I’ve also already consumed about 1000 calories!)

We did an out-and-back run this morning starting at Runtex. Thon put together a fantastic course that included lots of streets and paths that we don’t normally take. It was a very refreshing change from the same old routine. Ironically, the first several miles were run by nothing but moonlight. We started on the usual trail, ran up West Ave, left on 10th, 11th or 12th…Hell, I don’t know. It was dark. Somehow, we ended across Lamar and into Pease Park where we stopped for Endurox that Thon had so strategically placed outside his place!! What a refresher. Damn that stuff is good when you really need it most. We proceeded up towards Niles Road and across Mopac onto the streets of Tarrytown. Things became familiar here as we headed towards the boat docks and stopped for Gatorade that Amy had stashed at 5:15am. We took our usual Scenic route up to the dry cleaners and stopped to talk briefly with Cindy and Tonya who were also running today! This, fortunately, was our turnaround point. As we ran back, it was as if we were starting completely over with the run. The sun was rising. Kids were going to school. Adults were heading to work. Traffic…Where did this come from? I made a distinct mental and verbal note that while I felt great cardio-wise, my legs just felt sore. My lower back started to hurt, which usually means that my hips are also tight. Thon put it a good way. Our luxury car is running on bald tires. It’s truly a function of much-needed stretching and massage. We made another Endurox stop at Thon’s while I had to make a much-needed pit stop in his restroom (in honor of Frank!). The last four miles proceeded as normal on the trail and we ended our 20-miler feeling strong, content and ready for the weekend.

Our overall pace was pretty moderate at a 9:10-9:15 overall. I must say, it felt pretty darn slow, so I’m pleasantly surprised with the end result. Of course, this time does not reflect our water breaks or “pit stops.”

On tap for this weekend:

Sat: Bike/Run brick
Sun Swim and possible Bike


Richard said...

Aww.... I miss you guys! Sounds like a great time.

Anonymous said...

you are so amazing. you made 20 miles sound like a freakin walk in the park. j

Frank said...

Thanks for the honor!