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Monday, November 23, 2009

Mood Swings!


I'm typing this quick update from my childhood bedroom in Columbus, Ohio. Long gone are the NKOTB and Debbie Gibson posters that used to adorn these walls. Nonetheless, it's hard not to get nostalgic when you come home for Thanksgiving to be with your family. I'm braving this one alone as hubster is working all weekend long. If you live in Austin, do me a favor and don't get sick this weekend. Hubby needs his rest as he is two weeks away from his (fingers crossed!) Boston Qualifying (for 2011) marathon at the California International Marathon on December 6th.

Last week, I was lying on the beach in Roatan snorkeling with dolphins and this week I'm witnessing the onslaught of the beginnings of a typical Midwestern Fall and Winter season. Dreary, cold, drizzly...the kind of chill that soaks the bones. I arrived today and my Dad and I went for a three mile walk at the nature park near their house. It was a great walk even though we both bitched about our back and leg aches and pains....Daddy's Little Girl, I tell ya!

Since my last post, I had an MRI scan done on my back at the request of the surgeon with whom I consulted before we left. I left for Roatan the very next day and expected there to be a message with some results when I returned home. Alas, there was no message so it's on my list of calls to make this week. I'm sure hoping that the back MRI shows something that relates to the loss of power on my right leg during extended activity...Sciatica, pinched nerve in my back, herniated disc...something... Bottom line, I went for a 25-Mile bike ride on a Friday and could barely lumber through a 6 mile run on Saturday morning before we left for our trip. Something is not right and it didn't feel related to the labral tear issue. One week I can churn out a 15 mile run and the next week I can barely move. Therefore, I've basically put myself on mandatory no running/riding until the end of the year. OK--there are a few exceptions as I'm signed up for a Thanksgiving Day run here in Columbus. Something about a free bottle of wine at the finish line...I couldn't resist. Plus, I can and will walk four miles for vino if I have to.

In the meantime, I'm focusing on my swimming , yoga, core and strength. I'll be hitting the Lifetime Fitness here in Columbus pretty much every day this week I'm sure! (for mental and emotional workouts, as well as physical) Speaking of swimming, I decided to go to Sunday's 8am Master's Workout on my one day in Austin and shared my lane with Booher--my long last CDA housemate! Because of his energy (or draft zone), I churned out some of my best times EVER in the pool. Again, it's all relative right?? I'm a famously average swimmer, but, I had a couple of 1:45 100s and hovered around the 1:50-1:52 range for a few sets while feeling relatively comfortable the entire time. I'm usually a 1:55-2:00 minute girl. I definitely feel like I'm developing a feel for the water. After four years of swim coaching, it's about freakin' time, right?! The coaches are great, but it's just such a difficult sport to improve upon if you don't do it frequently. Plus, if I swim by myself, I don't push myself nearly as hard. I actually brought a couple of master's workouts with me (plastic covering and all) to do this week at the pool. Hold me to it...

Yesterday was Ironman Arizona and it was so wonderful and inspiring to see so many of my Austin friends and Erin Baker's Tri Teammates rip that course to shreds. Some are Pros (Go Terra--6th place overall female!!!), some are top-level age group athletes, some are Ironman veterans who have officially caught the endurance bug, and still others were first time finishers who reminded me of the utter joy and elation of crossing that finish line for the first time. I took a break from packing and Shawn and I headed over to Opal Divines with about 20 other T3 teammates to watch the streaming video coverage of people crossing the Finish Line. Not only was it great to see everyone after what seems like an eternal hiatus, it was also inspiring to share that moment with people who "get it." We cheered like it was college game day when we spotted someone we knew cross the line. We laughed and gave virtual high-fives to Kevin and Chris from T3 who were caught on the streaming video! It was so hilarious to send them a text msg and watch them read it on camera letting them know they were visible to the virtual viewers. It's the little things, people. An evening full of pride and smiles.

I left with a renewed sense of inspiration and hope that I will get through whatever this setback happens to be. For the rest of the year, I will do just that...REST...in a sense that I will not pound my body through tough run or cycling workouts. I will get back on the bike for some easy spins (we just received the Ironman St. George Real Course Computrainer video!!), but that's it. It also officially puts my official training start date back by a month. You know what? It's ok. It still gives me over four months to train for my May 1st Ironman and I'm certainly not starting from scratch. Or maybe I am...But I'll be relying on muscle memory and determination to get me there!

Here's to the emotional and travel roller coaster of the next few weeks! I'm in Ohio this week, then to CA for a few days to watch my husband kick some marathon ASS. We head back to Austin for about three days and then go BACK to CA to hang with family. Then we head back to Ohio for Christmas. Wow...Let the fun begin. Life's too short!


Dave said...

Looking forward to seeing you at the race, it should be fun!

Meredith said...

Hey Carrie! I like to attend the 10:15am Wednesday Core Class at Lifetime Easton. Will I see you there?

1HappyAthlete said...

Sorry to hear you're still dealing with injuries :-(

Out of curiosity, have you read Born to Run? It'll definitely open you up to some new possibilities.....

Good luck to Sean in his BQ attempt!

greyhound said...

Consider the source, but I expect the MRI to show some lumbar disk issue. How does this impact the plans for St. George. I'm waffling.

amybee said...

busy, busy gal you are, Carrie.

Sorry to hear that you are still struggling with what ever injury you have. (I have a knee thing that I'm pretending isn't there right now. I'm hoping that if I ignore it, it will go away. Sound familiar?)

Good luck to the hubster; have fun on your travels and hope you have some time to post between now and Christmas.