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Monday, February 02, 2009

I Interrupt this Sports-Related Blog...

To Shamelessly Promote My Sketch Comedy Troupe's Valentines Day Shows!

Grab your significant other and join Austin’s favorite sketch comics — GAG REFLEX — on Valentine’s Day as we present nearly two dozen of our favorite sketches and songs exploring love, lust, sex, obsession and all the other things that make relationships so much damned fun.

• MEET Slave Boy Petey and The Neckbrace Girl!

• WATCH Bahston-ites tahk about their bizzah pahtnahships!

• SEE a grown man French kiss a sock & more!

Tickets are just $15 each or $25 per couple and include the show, a champagne toast and other Valentine’s favors to impress your lover and help you to get him or her into the sack. Hey — laughter is SEXY!
Buy tickets via credit card at http://www.gagplanet.com/ , or reserve them by calling 731-3945 or clicking here and sending us your name, phone number, # of tickets needed and which performance you’d like to attend. If you reserve only and pay at the door, we can only accept cash or check.
***I get to perform two shows that night and then get up the next morning to run the Austin Marathon! Could my life be any more complete?!***


Jim Smith II said...

Wish we were in Austin, sounds like it would be a blast!

Entertainment Blog said...

you can also be funny in a sport