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Saturday, January 31, 2009

60 Mile Ride/30 Min Run Brick from the Dam Loop

We did it! We survived our first "Dam Loop" of the season!

This route is not only feared for the relentless hill climbs throughout the 58+ miles of riding, but for me, it's the fact that we literally ride the perimeter of Austin hitting damn near every suburb along the way. Somehow, we start in Circle C and end up wwwwaaaayyyy up North near Anderson Freakin'Mill--only to turn around and ride most of 360 covering Great Hills, Davenport, Westlake, and Lost Creek back heading back to Travis Country and Circle C via Southwest Parkway. Seriously, I don't even think a Realtor trying to show houses on a Saturday would cover this much ground!

Fortunately, it was a glorious day for a bike ride and I found riders that I could pace with throughout the morning. A large pack of us started at 8:30 and by the time we reached the 25 mile mark at 620, most of that pack had separated from each other. The T3 gang regrouped at Walgreens and I took off with pack #2 that included Shawn, Clarence, Elizabeth, Jen and Dionn. Jen, Dionn and I hung for the rest of the ride and it was awesome--in a challenging, encouraging way. We helped each other up the hills, but D definitely wins the polka dot jersey for her climbing today. I tried not to draft so I would intentionally drop back a tad so that I wasn't sucking their wind. I almost suggested that the three of us do a pace line, but wasn't sure if they were up for it--especially since there was so much hill climbing. 

We missed a turn in the Anderson Mill hood, but quickly back tracked and found our way. D, Jen and I were definitely a good mix today both mentally and physically. Overall, I'm so pleased with my efforts out there. We averaged a little over 16 mph, but that includes a few stops and slow downs at lights and stop signs. Of course, it all includes the climbing. I never felt completely spent physically (mentally I couldn't wait to get off the bike and run).

Once we threw our bikes in the car (and enjoyed a 10 minute transition), D and I took off on our 30 minute brick run. Of course, we took a hilly route :-) We joked that now we know why it's called a "brick" because that's how your legs feel when you begin running! We started comfortable and I gradually picked up my pace throughout my 31 minute jaunt. I ended at 3.84 miles and an 8:11 overall pace for my brick run. The good news is that I was feeling better and better the longer I ran...I certainly could've kept going, but wanted to save my legs for tomorrow's 18 miler!

(Plus, I wanted some of Yvonne's cookies before they disappeared)

It was a successful deposit into the Ironman bank and I'm feeling good~~~


Richard said...

That looks like a ton of fun... I first read your title as "60 Mile Ride/30 Mile Run" though!

What's even weirder is that I didn't immediately think I misread it... I was all, "You rock, girl!"

Dionn said...

Thank you for an awesome ride! I am totally looking forward to more challenging yet encouraging rides with you!

I swear next time I'll get the directions right! Sorry!!

triguyjt said...

I think thats...Damn Freaking Loop Ride-Brick..
way to rock it

Borsch said...

That's one hell of a workout!

amybee said...

Your ride/run sound great. (Cookies sound even better!)

Maggie said...

you're freaking amazing!!!