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Friday, September 05, 2008

Who's Hotter Than Governor Palin Right Now?? TriGreyhound is apparently!!

What do Austin, Houston, Seattle and Kansas City all have in common? They all have crazy triathletes that also like to blog about it! This picture is a gem taken last night when TriGreyhound found himself surrounded by the tri-blog hotness of (from l to r) Tri to Be Funny, and brand new Austinites Crazy Jane, Coach Tammy and Little Miss Runner Pants!!

Carrie (that's just my tank top roll and not my belly!--or is it?!?), Jane and AJ were stinkin' up the place having just come from T3 Spin. Coach Tammy just moved to Austin and she and Greyhound were looking and smelling quite dapper.

Apparently, Greyhound is Tri-blogger royalty. He requests our presence and gets it like that! (Of course, he also picked up the bar tab, which always helps.)

Six months ago, we didn't know each other and now the ladies all live in Austin and train together! What a wonderful and supportive community we have created...


R. Jeffrey Davis said...

He's a luck man.

ShirleyPerly said...

That is SO COOL! If there was no such place as Kona, I might consider living in Austin. I hope my sis might join T3 someday too.

amybee said...

Nice pic.

The running/blogging community rocks.

cindy said...

It's so great to meet and get to hang out with cool blogger buddies!!

Love the pic :)

Coach Tammy said...

As AJ would say, "Hells yeah!"

Hehe, I love talkin' like AJ. Makes me feel young enough to date those cute boys in my lab group... almost.

triguyjt said...

thats cool carrie..
ladies seem like a lot of fun... and of course...greyhound too

Runner Susan said...

i wish i lived in Austin!

Jessica, a Austin Runner AND triathlete said...

I there. hopefully i can join ya'll soon! i just joined the Gazelles and i will be joining T3 next spring...see you around?