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Monday, July 28, 2008

She's Got Legs...She Knows How to Use Them

...and it has nothing to do with trying to seduce the members of ZZ Top. These little stubby legs look ridiculous when trying to catwalk in a short dress and high heels.

These legs were used, however, for Monday morning's Gazelle 10-Mile Pace Run. Talk about punishment...50 Mile ride on Saturday, 14 mile run on Sunday, swim on Sunday night and a 10 mile pace run on Monday at 6am.  Here's how it went:

The first two miles were at a slow warmup pace (19:52) and the final eight miles were supposed to average our marathon goal pace, which in my case is a 7:40.

Mile 1: 7:31 (oops, way too fast)
Mile 2: 7:52
Mile 3: 7:35
Mile 4: 7:34
Mile 5: 7:38
Mile 6: 7:42
Mile 7: 7:41
Mile 8: 7:28

Avg Pace: 7:37

It was a well-executed run minus the little "speed racer" start. Humidity was absolutely brutal today and water was at a premium. We stopped once at the five mile mark and one more time with two miles to go. By the last mile, I was starting to get the old goose-bump dehydration feeling. Thank goodness we were almost done. 

Hi-fives to my Gazelle teammates who finished with me including Skud, Craig and Steven. There's no room for negative talk in this bunch. We set out to average 7:40s and nailed it! And that's why I run with a group... I would've thrown in the towel if it wasn't for those footsteps of others around me.  So, thanks ZZ Top for reminding me how to use my legs!

Unfortunately, I also had to use my legs tonight at Jack and Adam's Corture Class! That was a fun-filled hour of plank, push ups, leg lifts and more ab exercises than anyone would ever want.  Actually, people pay personal trainers hundreds of dollars for workouts like this and the dudes at J&A offer it up for free. It's no wonder that 80-90 people will scorch themselves on pavement to be tortured for an hour...only in Austin. Gotta love it...

I've been making some decisions on upcoming races and will probably be on the sidelines as a volunteer for both Jack's Generic in August and the Austin Olympic Tri on September 1st (this one is still in the air. I have friends in town that weekend and don't think I'll be in any type of race mentality). Hear that Michelle?? I'm all yours for body marking, chip distribution, swim exit and anything else you may need!  I really want to focus on my training for both the Longhorn 70.3 and the Marine Corps Marathon. Plus, I'm signed up for the all-female "Sweet and Twisted Tri" on August 24th, which should be a hoot since about 30 T3 babes are also doing this one. I want to see a cat fight during a tri, JUST ONCE! :-) 


Borsch said...

Great run! YOU are supper speedy!

michelle said...

Music to my ears...volunteers!!!! :D Great run, Legs!! as for the swim this am...coach has been working on my stroke, I guess it's starting to pay off...finally!!

muna said...

Ah, I remember the time when I could sorta relate to your workouts. Now the numbers are just the stuff of dreams for me. :) Great job in the past weeks overall. Astounding progress over just last year.

triguyjt said...


ha...!!! way to hit the target with a couple seconds to spare...on a very humid day..

you're my hero..

after The Bride..or ocurse

J. Garry Power said...

Marine Corps lookout!! You are really put together some killer workouts. Also nice to hear you giving back by being a volunteer. Nice touch.

Cass said...

You are awesome! I love reading your blog - great inspiration for my first year.

ShirleyPerly said...

My hamstring is hurting just reading about all you're doing! Wow, great work out there, esp. in the humidity. Hoping to come back to Austin in April to see firsthand all that fun you talk about ;-)

CoachLiz said...


I feel slow again after reading that.

Great workout. Hope to see you at the Austin Tri

Dionn said...

Dude. You rock! Who the hell let you in my age group? ;)