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Saturday, July 05, 2008

It's Only a 10k, It Can't Be That Hard!


The race started at 9,600 feet...The first 5k was a full-on ascent with switchbacks, rocks and a single track trail.  We hadn't even left the park and I was huffing, puffing and sucking in the thin air.  Here's to trying to compete with the Colorado peeps who have more red blood cells in their body than this flatlander will ever be able to produce!  

The 2nd 5k was all downhill. It was wonderful that I could breathe and yet a miracle that I didn't take a tumble of epic proportions. We were flying down the trail and I was just hoping every second that my foot wouldn't catch a rock or a tree stump and send me flying down the mountain. Yes, the mountain.  

All in all, what a blast! (Shameless 4th of July pun intended) I ended up finishing in 1:00:40 and Shawn came buzzing in about 15 minutes later with a smile on his face as usual!  I only finished 12th in my age group, but was the first non-Colorado person :-) That's good enough for me!!

The backdrop for our race did not suck.

This is the single track trail that started and ended the race. Needless to say, we climbed up into the trees and came flying down like Bambi.

Here comes Shawn on the final descent!

Nice Strong Running Form!

In the Finisher's Chute

The dorky couple after the race

Thumb's Up to my new Zoot racing shoes. They aren't exactly made for trail running, but performed well on my first ever run in them! 

Later that morning, we watched the Breckenridge 4th of July Parade. It is kicked off by several hundred mountain bikers who are heading out on the Firecracker 50 mile mountain bike ride. Now, THAT's bad ass.

Now, this was your typical all-American parade with the Fire and Police Departments, families on bikes, politicians throwing candy and civil groups riding scooters. However, this was one "float" where I had to make my way to the front for a picture. It was basically a bunch of stoners dancing on the van to the theme song of the movie "Team America." This just happens to be the theme movie of my buds in Austin. If you've never seen the movie "Team America," you must...But, consider yourself warned. It's a piece of work!

I wonder what those children are thinking as the stoners are driving by with "America F&ck Yeah!" blasting out of the speakers?!?!?

Hope your 4th was spectacular! 


ShirleyPerly said...

It's amazing how difficult running at altitude is, isn't it? I love visiting CO but always feel so out of shape running there. Great photos and congrats on being the first flatlander to finish in your AG!!

Runner Susan said...

um, are you really superwoman in disguise and are not telling the rest of us?

Viv said...

The view was so beautiful! I can't imagine how truly challenging that was. Way to start of the 4th with a bang! (my july 4th pun)

Steve Stenzel said...

YEAH for first non-coloradoian! Way to go! Great pics!!

Rural Girl said...

Sounds like you had another 'Excellent Adventure'! I don't know much about altitude but I know we ain't go none! Congratulations on another great race under tough conditions.

J. Garry Power said...

The nice thing for us mountain people is when we come down from the clouds, it feels like you have to chew the air!

Anonymous said...

I'd be so proud of being the first non-coloradian!! Sounds like such a fun weekend :)

greyhound said...

Wow. Lots more snow on the peaks than the last couple of years I've been there. Wish I were there now.

Patricio said...

I would love to go there sometime.
Great job on your guys' race!
Awesome pics too... LOVE the Zoot shoes as well. Been thinking about getting a pair..


Coach Tammy said...

Sweet race!

And that movie is worth watching, if only for the puppet sex scenes ;)