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Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Space Between...

I'm at this odd place right now with respect to the racing season where I'm really ready for a break, but at the same time, I'm on the verge of beginning a journey of epic proportions...my Ironman Journey.

My final triathlon of the season is next Sunday, October 7th. It's the Inaugural Longhorn Half-Ironman Triathlon and it's quite a doozy. Ironically, the swim will be the "easiest" of the three events! 1.2 Mile Swim/56 Mile Bike/13.1 Mile Run. I've cycled the course about four times in training and have gained comfort and confidence on the course. I know where the roads are rough, where I can open it up and hammer and where I need to conserve energy. The 13.1 Mile Run is a different beast. I know the general area of the course, but some of it is "cross country" style on the grass. While that terrain is generally easier on your body, it's harder to go fast--especially with 56 miles of tough riding on the quads. I've gone back and forth on my race strategy, but you know what?? I'm putting it all out there on race day. I've done really well in triathlon this season so why should I get complacent on the last race of the season? While I don't know if it's truly a PR course--my best is 5:35 on a flat, fast course, I'm going to push it anyway. I'm going to go out knowing I did my best!!

However, the trick is to avoid injury and total burnout. Why? Because this Sunday morning is our first Ironman Triathlon Team meeting at T3 Headquarters. I'm so freaking excited about this. I swear I can't wait to get going. Thank goodness the really high mileage won't kick in until after the first of the year. Most of the training I do until Christmas will mostly be maintenance and base building. I already have a solid base of 12-17 hours per week of workouts. It's all good ya'll...

Was back at full tilt this week:

Monday: Gazelles "Secret Hill" repeats...warmed up from the house--about 10 miles of running

Tuesday: T3 Swim AM/ 1 Hour Bike Ride PM

Wednesday: Gazelles 1000m repeats at Zilker
#1 4:10
#2 3:59
#3 4:05
#4 4:07
#5 4:01

Thursday: T3 Swim AM

On tap for the weeked:
Friday: 14-16 mile run

Saturday: 30-40 mile ride/ 30-40 minute run off bike

Sunday: Ironman Meeting, but I may start early with an open water swim at barton springs--we'll see...if nothing else, I will hit the pool at some point on Sunday for some yardage.

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Richard said...

You are an inspiration to all us lapsed couch potatoes, Carrie. BTW, "Secret hill?" I have been gone for far too long. And 12-17 hours per week is a comfortable maintenance level? You chicks are crazy!

Fast, impressive, and totally cool... but crazy.