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Monday, September 03, 2007

Austin Olympic Triathlon 9/3/07

Today marked the Inaugural Labor Day Austin Olympic Triathlon around the streets of downtown Austin. What a GREAT Race by our friends at Jack and Adams...totally first class from start to finish.

I was still operating at about 80% as the scratchy throat and stuffed up nose still hadn't completely dissipated. Unfortunately, I must've passed the bulk of it on to Shawn because he was the one who couldn't get out of bed this morning because his throat was killing him.

695 Total Athletes
245 Female/450 Male

Here are my results:

1500m Swim: 34:16 (26th out of 56 in age group)

T1: 3:30

24mile Bike: 1:14:41 /19.9 mph avg (5th out of 56 in age group)

T2: 1:47

10k Run: 43:38 / 7:02 pace per mile (4th out of 56 in age group)

My run totally kicked ASS!!! I couldn't be more excited about that. They didn't have mile markers on the run course so I had no idea what my split was until the results were posted.

Amongst the Women:

30th pace out of 245 females
7th place among women 30-34 out of 56 in age group

Shawn did come out to take some pics:

Desire climbing the hill. The bike is just awesome.

Run, Carrie Run! Go get those guys!

It was awesome to see so many T3 jerseys out there!

It was also awesome passing some of them :-)

Heading towards the finish chute!
Me with my TALL tri-geek friend Tom

With Shawn at finish. My biggest cheerleader.


Shannon said...

10k Run: 43:38 / 7:02 pace per mile

after a week of being sick and still feeling only 80%. Hot damn, I've got some catching up to do!!

Siren said...

*gulp* A 7:02 pace for an Olympic tri 10K... AND you were sick!? DAMN. That seriously rocks.