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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

1000s on Track and Weight off my Shoulders

In the world of "normal" people, I was in peak performance last week. In the world of "crazy athletes," I was a slacker. Actually, I'll say this. I felt like a slacker because I was in sick/taper mode for the majority of the week. Since I didn't feel 100%, all bets were off. I was sleeping in, eating poorly--actually, I was probably eating the same, but I wasn't burning as much so I felt like I weighed about 300lbs. Usually, I can guilt myself into going for a run or hitting the gym even if I don't feel like it. Last week, however, was one of those "I just don't wanna" weeks. I really was totally content laying in bed a little longer, putting extra cheese on my sandwich and drinking 3 glasses of wine the night before the Austin Tri. And lemme tell you this: I LOVED IT! I can totally see why people prefer that lifestyle over one that constantly obsesses over splits, times and miles! BUT...that's not me and I'm back to the grind with some renewed energy. God, it pays to feel better.

Another reason I feel better in general is because I've released a huge weight in my life. In my attempt to simplify my world, I've recently stepped down as Race Director of the Thundercloud Subs Turkey Trot. I was at the helm for four years and was totally burnt out after last year. In my four years, the race has grown from 6,000 to over 10,000 participants. Each year has been more sucessful than the last and I feel great knowing that I gave it everything I had. It really has been an emotional decision for me because I LOVE this event and I also love the networking that comes along with it. I just really wanted to shift my focus this year to my husband, my training and other freelance projects that have been magically presenting themselves to me. Just put it out there and it will come to you!!! I know the Turkey Trot will continue to be a great race and I look forward to actually racing it this year with a real number and chip. I don't have to worry if the water stops aren't set up or if there's enough TP in the porta-pots. I don't have to accomodate the Mayor or Governor and I don't have to deal with people who swear they were in first place even though the timing very specifically shows that they weren't. I feel so much lighter...

Hit Gazelles this morning for 1000s on the track. After drills, Skud and I quickly jumped in with Frank, Anne, Brian, Rachel and Mike who had started their repeats. In my mind, I wanted to do between 4:00-4:10 for my average today.

#1 4:20 (Woops--a little slow)
#2 4:05 (there we go...wow, it was tough)

By this point, the group was already seperating. Frank was on a mission and I wanted to keep up with him because we had the same time goal. It was just me, Frank and another woman whose name I don't know.

#3 4:05
#4 4:06
#5 4:12
#6 4:05
#7 4:12 (we dogged it during the first two laps)

I think these are in the right order--I don't have my watch with me, but I do know we had one slower one in the middle and another slower one at the end.

Very pleased with these times after a hard weekend of racing. Geez, maybe giving up Turkey Trot did make me lighter!


Anonymous said...

i am so proud of your re-shift in focus.

tell me more about your freelance work...

looking for someone to design/create a website for our non-profit..j

Frank said...

Thanks for a great workout today Carrie! I really appreciate you hanging with me and pushing me this morning.

Red said...

Mystery Woman revealed -- it's me, Alicia! Great job on the tri and the 1K's. And, navigating the packs...wow, so many people on the track, but Gazelles were still there after 7!

muna said...

You did a fantastic job with the Turkey Trot! The next RD will have big shoes to fill.

Carrie said...

Muna--you always say the nicest things to me!! Thank you :-)

Siren said...

Good for you for stepping back! I'm about to do the same with two business groups I've been in charge of for two years, and I can't waaaiit to let someone take over! Just thinking about not running those things and their associated events next year makes me feel lighter.