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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Let the Guru Test Riding Begin

Posting during a dreary Saturday afternoon. Intermittent rain has put the kabash on any plans of a bike ride this afternoon.

Today, I was reminded of how much I have missed my Saturday morning Gazelle runs! I met Thon, Amy and Perry at Runtex at 6am to do the 11 mile Scenic Loop. I thought the Gazelles were meeting at 6am, but apparently they took off at 5:45am. Oh well...we weren't far behind. The four of us ran pretty slow and leisurely today. Partly because I didn't want to be totally sore for the Tri tomorrow and partly because Amy's husband Perry hasn't run this distance in years. Not only were we making him run 11 miles, but it was 11 miles on some of the hilliest roads in town! All in all, it was a decent run...didn't push it at all. Overall running pace was about a 9:21. Considering my last half-marathons were in the 7:00min per mile range, this felt great. We could converse the entire time except for the occassional hill climb that has a way of sucking the conversation out of anyone. Along the way, we passed some of our Gazelle teammates that I haven't seen in several months. As we finished at the Zero Mile Marker, we ran into lots of great Gazelle friends including Anne, Lisa, Venus and others who were just finishing up their 14 mile run. Shawn (who was out running on his own) actually happended upon the Zero Mile Marker as we were all standing there. I got to introduce my new husband to some Gazelles. It just left me with a sense of happiness and excitement to be a part of this running community in town. We're so blessed to have a place like Town Lake to run and meet up.

After our usual Mi Madres breakfast excursion, we actually met up at Mike and Hava's for a late lunch to celebrate Mike's 31st Birthday!! (Happy Birthday Running Hubby). I had visions of a bike ride this afternoon, but Mother Nature has had different plans. I think she's pushing me to continue to write wedding Thank You Cards!! It's a shame because sitting in my garage as we speak is a gorgeous Guru Crono Tri Bike that I'm test riding this weekend. It truly feels like a luxury vehicle. Smooth ride...It's like the difference between riding a Ford Escort and a Lexus. They both will get you there, but the "Lexus" is much more luxurious, smooth, etc. I went out for about 30 minutes on Thursday night around the neighborhood and then for 1:30 on Friday morning to test the speed. I actually did the same route as last Sunday and was disappointed that my lap times on the LAB Pace Loop were actually slower on the Guru than they were on my Kestrel. However, after the two loops on the Kestrel I was exhausted. After the same test on the Guru, I had energy to burn. It felt like I was riding faster, but apparently I wasn't. I was about 30 sec. slower per loop. Slightly disappointed, but still need some saddle time. This Guru is actually too big for me. It's a 50cm bike and I've been measured to ride a 46cm frame. Therefore, my bike positioning isn't optimal. I know that had something to do with it, but my goal in the test ride is to just feel the bike. My positioning is secondary until I order the size I need (which will hopefully be next week). I contemplated riding the Guru in tomorrow's Lake Pflugerville Triathlon Race, but decided to ride my bike instead. I just fear getting in a crash or having the bike stolen or messed up in transition. I'd rather that happen to my ride that I already own.

The Transition gear is packed, the bike is loaded and air is in the tires for the 1st Annual Lake Pflugerville Triathlon tomorrow morning. It's a Sprint Distance 500m swim (that's what I'm talking about!), 14 mile bike ride, 5k. I'm going into it very nonchalantly, but of course I'd love to kick a little Tri Ass!

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