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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Hurt

"Are you limping?" My co-worker asked me just a few moments ago.

"I don't think so," I said, "But I wouldn't be surprised. It's been a rough couple of days in Training Land."


This is Adam's last week at Jack and Adams. As promised, he followed through on an epic core workout from 5:45p-7:00pm on Monday evening. It was the true meaning of "corture." The class is usually 45minutes long and hard as hell, but last night was an hour and 15 min of planks, leg lifts, push-ups, mountain climbers, 8-count body builders and....REPEAT multiple times. It even started raining about half way through and we just kept going. Hell, the rain was actually a welcome relief from the humidity. We only have one more day with Adam and, oddly enough, I'll really miss the abuse!


Speaking of abuse, this morning's Gazelle workout was 2000s at Zilker. I knew the heat and humidity might pose a problem. No surprise there...Amy Skud and I ran 2 miles from my house to Zilker Park. My goal was to run them between 8:10-8:25. ha ha ha The fact that we were covered in a blanket of dismal humidity made my group readjust our goals a bit.

#1 8:30 (6:48 pace)
#2 8:25 (6:44 pace)

We were all freaking exhasuted after the second repeat. Gilbert told us we were running way too fast. I know I wasn't based on previous workouts. I'm capable of running this pace and faster....just not in this weather. We readjusted once again after he told us to slow down.

#3 8:44 (6:59 pace)
#4 8:45 (7:00 pace)

That's the first time in months that I was able to do four repeats, so at least I has something to celebrate. Unfortunately, my times just went in the wrong direction. We were all pretty spent after that workout.

That is 5 miles of gut-check speed. Amy and I meandered the two miles back home and could barely move by the time we got there. My legs feel pretty beat up today, which is certainly a combination of core and the 9-mile day (5 miles of speed).

We do this because we love this, right???

Also---Major Annoucement Coming Soon...I'm getting chills just teasing it.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE major announcements! perhaps a bun in the oven? j

Carrie said...

hmmm...you'll just have to wait and see. I'm waiting for some final confirmations before I make the big reveal. I wouldn't want to be "premature" about it!! ;-)

greyhound said...

You tease.