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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eeking it Out One Repeat After Another

Wednesday AM-Test Bike Ride

I was originally going to swim Wednesday morning, but I'm still in possession of the Guru Crono bike so I'm certainly compelled to take advantage of this rare gem as long as I can before I must return it to its rightful owner at Jack and Adams. We've had so much rain in Central Texas that I really haven't been able to enjoy it as much as I'd like to. I took advantage of the break in storms and went for an hour ride Wednesday morning before an 8am work meeting. Fortunately, I was meeting with a friend who I'm doing a web design project for and she appreciates the fact that I can show up for a business meeting in spandex and a cycling jersey.

I went down to the Veloway/South Mopac area and was the lone car in the parking lot, making me feel like a bad-ass. (or an unemployed slacker) I guess the rest of the world is probably into their second cup of coffee and the latest Paris Hilton interview. The roads were a little slick so I definitely wanted to be cautious. I warmed up on the 3.1 mile Veloway loop and then headed to the 8 mile South Mopac Time Trial Loop.

My previous best was a 24:31 back in May of 2006 (19.7mph avg). Today, I eeked out a 24:16 (20mph)!! At one point on the first half of the loop, I had even abandoned the whole "time trial" aspect of the workout. I just mentally was not into it and my legs were still sore. However, as soon as I turned the corner towards the scond half of the loop, I kicked it in and decided to push as hard as I could. It was enough for a PR so I'll take it! The thing I notice most is that I'm not as exhausted on this bike. I just don't have to push as hard to go as fast. I'm really digging the bike and should have it ordered by the end of the week. Can't wait!!

I finished by doing another 3.1 mile loop on the Veloway as a cool-down.

16 Mile Bike Ride

Wednesday PM-Jack and Adams Corture

So, I did it. I went to Adam's final "corture" class last night. True to form, it was brutal, but so awesome. Like Monday, it was 1:15 of plank, mountain climbers, 8-count body builders, leg lifts, push ups and more. I certainly had to take breaks, but was pleased overall with the amount of core strength I've gained over the last few months. I've told people over and over again that I really credit this core class for my increase in strength lately. These twice-weekly workouts hav paid huge dividends for me on the training/racing side. Shawn actually ran from home and joined as well, so that made it even more fun. It was certainly well attended and Adam will be missed.

Thursday AM-1200s on the Track

Last did this workout a couple of months ago and was able to improve slightly today! Amy Skud, Lilliana and I tackled this unique track workout together. You're running fast ( in our case, it was a 6:00/mile pace), but the repeats are short making it almost fun. I said "almost."

#1 Repeat

600=2:20 400=1:29 200=:42

#2 Repeat

600=2:15 400=1:32 200=:45

#3 Repeat

600=2:17 400=1:29 200= :45

#4 Repeat

600=2:16 400=1:31 200=:43

OK--almost ready to make my news public. I guess I'm just trying to figure out the best way to say it. Actually, I probably don't have to say anything at all.

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