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Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Images of Germany and Austria

Dancing in front of the famous gazebo from "The Sound of Music"

Devo called and they want their outfits back!! Actually, these were our uniforms for the Salt Mine Tour in Salzburg. Made going down the slide much easier!

At the 1972 Olympic Swin Center in Munich. We actually got to swim there for a few hours!

At the famous Hoffbrau House on our final night!

Shawn's pre-run carb loading meal :-)

Neuschwanstein Castle under a Winter Wonderland

We climbed the tallest church steeple in the world! Holy cow were we dizzy!

Note--Shawn's GIGANTIC German Schnitzel with fries and my salad!
Bike riding in Heidelburg. Our bikes definitely weren't made for time trialing!

Running near the Rhine along the endless bike and running pathways. They were everywhere.

One of my lovely vegan meals at the Castle
Visiting Burg Eltz. It required a lovely 1 hour hike!
View of The The Rhine from our castle room

Riding in Rothenburg

Jetlagged and weary, we still made it to Oktoberfest as soon as we arrived!

...so many more memories were made on this wonderful trip!


Nicole said...

I love the Neuschwanstein Castle!! Did you know that they actually close part of the Mosel River down to have an auto free day?? It's called the Happy Mosel and only inline skaters and bikes are allowed! Beautiful! I'm glad that you enjoyed your trip to Germany!! Tchuss!!

Spokane Al said...

Very cool - your pictures bring back memories of our times in Germany.

I can remember the Salt Mine Tour in Salzburg as well. If I recall they also gave us some interesting hats to wear with our suits.

Coach Logan said...

Where in the hell are your helmets? Christ Sapp..... how many times do I have to tell you!!!!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Lovely photos!!

I have not traveled much overseas but am thinking iron tris are the ticket/excuse for doing so. Thanks for wetting my appetite!