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Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Blog Guilt Trip Worked!

Ahhh...The Power of the Internet and Email!

The beauty of being in the same triathlon group as your physician's P.A.-C is that you can stalk them and send them emails :-) Carol did get an email from me this morning and did see my blog wondering if was dying.

And she called :-) Alas, I am alive and well. She had nothing but positive things to say about the results. All in all, the levels look good (exact numbers at the office) and, overall, remain very similar to what they were five months ago.

Am I a poster child for healthy living? Somedays. Do I plan to keep up this way of eating? Of course. Do I plan to cheat every now and then?? No doubt...especially when Whole Foods has their peanut butter gelato.

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IronSnoopy said...

Yay! ::happysnoopydance::

The joys of the Interwebs.

Just wanted to let you know I ordered the Engine 2 book and just got it this week. I love all of the easy recipes in the back.