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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Keeping Disappointments in Perspective

Well, they did it again. My beloved Ohio State Buckeyes blew another big game and lost to USC last weekend! Sadly, it's becoming a recurring theme with this team. I like to refer to the Buckeyes as my "problem child." No matter how much they hurt and disappoint me, I still love them. However, hubster and I agreed to show them a little tough love. We swear, we're never going to a "big game" again! (until the next one, I'm sure).

While it felt like a total sucker punch to the gut, we definitely put this stupid sport of college football in perspective. We had an amazing time in Columbus and, for once, we weren't there in the dead of winter freezing our booties off! The weather was absolutely phenomenal--such a false tease for the other six months of the year! While it was pouring rain in Austin, we were sitting outside on patios actually enjoying the sun and a mild breeze. We saw friends and family and we were able to actually the exercise outdoors without dying of heat exhaustion. Shawn had a great 16 mile marathon goal pace run and I--well--I put one foot in front of the other.

There's no doubt about it. Life is full of disappointments--whether it's an injured hip or a devastating football loss. However, as always, the good times and the love and support of others always prevail. I just need to pick another college football team.

We went to visit our friend's Bob and Tracy. Gee-I wonder how we knew which house was theirs?!

We've been married over two years, but my Mom has kept the top of our wedding cake in her freezer since May 26, 2007. We decided to cut into it and it was tasty!!

It wouldn't be "home" if I wasn't hanging with my Greasy Wop Italian cousins spelling out the infamous O-H-I-O while tailgating before the game. Even Tony Soprano would be proud. I know our late Grandma Sergio is!

How can I be disappointed with a long weekend like that?!


triguyjt said...

nothing like family...friends...partying...cake...did i say cake??and the bucks...

tough way to lose..but hey...in cleveland..the brownies don't even sniff big games....

Meredith said...

Once a Buckeye, always a Buckeye.