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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Time to Train My Weaknesses

Ouchie spot on my hip flexor regiom

Not allowed to run or do hard cycling for at least a month...Leg numbness and lack of movement continues. Dr. Sellers diagnosed it as a "nerve entrapment" and did some ART treatments before Ironman. My right hip is slightly out of alignment irritating the femoral nerve and essentially rendering it useless after prolonged exercise. It's been happening on my runs for several months (usually doing hills or speed work), but yesterday it happened on the Computrainer. I watched my pedal spin scan deteriorate on my right leg as the workout continued. My left leg was simply doing all of the work. It's as if that quad/hip flexor/IT band just gradually locks up. Hard to describe, but irritating, painful and demoralizing.

When casually mentioning it to Coach Mo today at swim practice, he put a stop to all running for at least a month. He mentioned three other women in our tri group who have been experiencing similar issues and all three of them basically have stress fractures as a result of not resting. Of course, he saw the panic in my eyes when he said, "no running." It's my strength. It's my love. It is my favorite thing to do to clear my mind.

Time to develop another "love" for the time being...no racing or running. My next "big" event isn't until the Half-Maxx Long Course Championships in September. (Half-Iron distance) Then, my plan is to bust a sub 3:20 marathon in December at the California International Marathon. I suppose that won't be possible if I can't lift my leg. Rest is good...I just get that crack/endorphin addict feeling that I'm going to get fat, lazy and useless...Panic inducing thoughts of eating Cheetos and watching American Idol creep into my mind. Completely irrational? Yes...but I don't know many addicts who are rational when someone takes away their drug.
At the same time, it was as if Maurice released a "burden of training" from my shoulders too. It opened the door to make some space and energy for yoga, pilates, Cross Fit, etc...all wonderful strength building activities that I always say, "Gee I wish I had more time for that..."
Now I do...for at least a month.


Jane said...

I think you should spend the month creating all kinds of vegan recipes!

etg said...

Carrie...if you want to try aqua jogging and need a buddy let me know! I need to make sure I don't go into CDA '10 training in January with shin splints like this past year. And I have a special little place in my heart for aqua jogging:)
Sorry you are sidelined from things that you love for a while...it just stinks. But if you rest up, you will come back stronger than ever!!

ShirleyPerly said...

You know, my right hip flexor has been bothering me some after some of my runs. It's not as serious as your case but I'm going to watch it closely having read this post. Hope your time off from running goes fast!

amybee said...

Hey: Catching up with blogger friends today.

My, you are kinda short! (pic from a couple posts ago), but that is what makes you a dynamo!

Sorry to hear that you are sidelined for a bit...the month will go fast and I love the idea of Aqua Jogging

WADDLER26.2 said...

Take care - it will pay off in the long run.

muna said...

Also working through issues with my right hip. I second the offer of an aqua running buddy. I'm a regular at Barton Springs in the early hours these days.

CoachLiz said...

Yes to the Pilates! You should take more than just mat classes. Get on the equipment and get some good stretching in.

Jessica, a Austin Runner AND triathlete said...

you'll be fine...and thanks for the motivation always!

Susan said...

Hang in there and be patient! I kept coming back after injury to soon and it DOES NOT WORK!!! You don't want 2-3 months off running. and you will stay fit. I'll aqua jog with you also.

I heard a rumor you signed up for St. George??