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Friday, May 30, 2008

Triathletes at Play

Caution: Objects in Photos Are Actually
Sweatier Than They Appear

Greyhound and Shawn before workout. Super-Stud Greyhound rode his bike to practice!
(hence the helmet on the indoor trainer. He didn't actually wear it during class--although that would've been pretty damn funny!)

Greyhound, Me and Shawn after our Indoor Cycling Sweat-fest.

Katy and Greyhound look relieved to be finished!

I only posted this because I knew she'd kill me :-)

We had a blast with TriGreyhound over the last two days during his "working" visit to Austin. (or should we say, "working out" visit) Three workouts and two meals together--ahhh---it's good to be able to do both without suffering too many consequences! He kept me on my toes and well fed.

If you haven't read his blog, do so...It's one of the best, hands down. (and the fact that I've linked to it several times in this post is also a huge hint!) It's people like him that make this sport so fulfilling-and exhausting!

Dude--I hope your retirement plans get you to the ATX as soon as possible!


katy d said...

Nice pics hahahahaha!

Bigun said...

You got to workout with Greyhound?!?!? I'm jealous....

ShirleyPerly said...

Funny title! But I'm sure it's very true. I sweat just thinking about your workouts.

greyhound said...

Objects in the picture are more exhausted than they appear.

Gawd, I'm ready to taper. And the guy in the grey shirt needs to eat a sandwich or something. Dang he's skinny.

triguyjt said...

carrie...looked like you guys had a blast and got gassed...


The Lindsor said...

oh man, it looks like I missed all the fun on thursday night!!!