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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tour of Italy Continues!

The Roman Coloseum (I'm guessing that's obvious)

The view of Florence from the Top of the Dome...definitely a hill workout climbing the stairs.

Our token photo in front of Florence's Ponte Vecchio Bridge

How can you not love Italy? Bikes and wine holders!

So this is what they mean about aged parmesan cheese!

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes and emails. It's definitely indescribable both with words and photos. I'm typing this quick update from our hotel in Venice. A canal with several gondolas is directly below and the air is filled with people, music and a refreshing breeze.
It rained briefly last night upon our arrival from Tuscany, but today has been picture perfect. We spent the morning strolling through St. Mark's Square and walking up and down the "riverwalk." We' ve already plotted our run route tomorrow morning before the crowds emerge.

Our villa in Tuscany was out of this world and we met some fascinating folks from Australia, Hawaii and beyond who were also using La Locanda as their launch into "fantasy island." Martina and Guido take such great care of their guests with wonderful food, hospitality and directions to neighboring cities! 

We drove to the coast two days in a row: once to catch a glimpse of the Giro d'Italia (Italy's Tour de France) that was coincidentally coming through. The very next day, we drove back to the coast to hike the Cinque Terre-a luscious and somewhat challenging hike through five seaside villages.  

I feel like we've put together an amazing itinerary and, while I hate to see it end, it's almost too decadent to live like this for a long time. Case in point: we met Dean and Danielle who were on a 7 week honeymoon. We met them when they were on week five of their European excursion. Dean told us he had put on 18lbs and Danielle had put on 13lbs!  Believe me, it's easy to do in this carb-loving country!


Runner Susan said...

Wow, Just wow.

And happy belated bday.

Anonymous said...

I really need one of those racks for holding wine on my bike!