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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Turkey Trot Countdown

Imagine this... a few mintues of downtime. I feel like I could rant and rave about how stressed the Turkey Trot makes me. Race Management is a lesson in patience and overwhelming amounts of detail work. As Race Director, I field every call and email about the event.In the blink of an eye, I go from zero tolerance (when people ask the same questions that are clearly marked on the website) to overwhelming gratitude (when people say how much they love this event). If nothing else, I have learned so much from this process. I bitch and moan every time my phone rings, but am energized when that same caller tells me that they appreciate my time. Sometimes I answer the phone as if I'm being bothered. Shame on me. Most of these people only sign up for one event a year--this one. When I'm at Packet Pickup and Registration, I love it! I love being surrounded by the volunteers who are giving their time and I love being surrounded by the participants who are excited to do the event with their friends and families. They always have great things to say about this race.

I also have a newfound respect for Event Planners. People have absolutely no idea how difficult and costly it is to shut down city streets. You don't just cone off a lane and call it a day. It involves re-routing traffic, hiring extra officers, posting notices and paying the people who get their asses up at 4am to change the traffic direction of the thoroughfare of downtown Austin. We're also in the vicinity of a major hospital, a major university, a major highway, the Ronald McDonald House and the State Capitol--all very important things to consider from a safety and security standpoint.

I'm having a fleeting moment of calm before the race. It's going to happen regardless of my mental state on race morning. I just hope someone brings a keg


Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me with how much you accomplish and still manage to be such a great friend to everyone lucky enough to have you as one! Don't feel bad that you get a little impatient every once in awhile, most people in your shoes would have gone insane by now.


Richard said...

Well, you are appreciated. Although you need some self promotion too, girl - get on up there and share the stage with the guv (or whoever's up on the tower before the race). Of course, if you did that, things would probably start falling apart - but they won't, because you've got such a well planned event! I'm really sorry I won't be running it this year (my first time to miss it since I started running). It sounds like it'll be an amazing time.

BTW, the keg's on me. Do you want shiraz or chard?

Alex said...

I just thought I'd chime in with the: I love this event!

Deb said...

You are amazing! I've always admired volunteers. It would hell without them! Hope it was fun and you ahd a great day.